the blackest pill

weighing our options in a post-truth world

There exist at this juncture at least two distinct possibilities about where our world is heading: either to heaven or to hell. I have discussed in previous editorials how there is likely a plan, a hand of God and righteous men guiding key world events in order to bring us into a golden new age. On the flip side, I have also written about the evil New World Order plans that have been well documented by whistleblowers and renegade journalists. Let us examine these two possibilities in an impartial, logical manner.

My interest in this subject reached a boil in the couple of years leading up to the “pandemic.” The secrets of the elite were being exposed through Wikileaks and other sources while Trump came into office as an iconoclast looking to root out the “deep state,” whatever that meant. At work, my friend talked about who might be in the illuminati, whether in Hollywood, politics or big business. None of that mattered a great deal to me. What I cared about was movies. Films, even. Learning from the masters of cinema, the greats. Kubrick. And that’s when I started to see it: the symbolism. That’s when I started to realize there really was an ancient and evil force controlling almost everything we experience.

come play with us

One rabbit trail leads to another and pretty soon the mysterious can become overwhelming. Knowing the deeper truths—and fictions—about our reality can test one’s faith in our future. Are we destined to thrive or become cat food? Will free will trump tyranny? Does good beat evil in the end?

Needless to say, I had a lot of strong theories about what was going on as the pandemic swept the world in a spiral of senselessness, fear and confusion. But rational conversations became impossible as people took the news as gospel and became very defensive when challenged. That’s why blogging is so nice. There is nobody to contradict you or call you names.

In a nutshell, the theories in 2020 are the same as the ones in 2021, only the stakes have gotten much higher. We can see a fake new president and a fake administration defending their fake victory while a vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine and mutates your genes is being actively pushed on the population, leading to a social credit system that is ready to roll out. Objective truth is a thing of the past, as we are forced to wear useless masks to participate in commerce. Soon, you will need to be injected with this suspicious substance in order to continue participating in society. It’s a global satanic initiation ritual and you cannot prove me wrong. Worst of all, people who have received the jab likely have a nano-bot or some sort of life form inside their body which could very likely grow and multiply and attack the host in a matter of months, leading to a zombie apocalypse as Hollywood has predicted so many times. When the former chief scientist of Pfizer predicts the same thing, that is disconcerting. All of this lines up with the evil NWO agenda and it’s the stuff of nightmares.

The flip-side theory lines up with those kooky Q-anon philosophers and devolution bloggers who believe this will all lead to justice, truth, peace and harmony once we have weathered this storm. We needed to see it to believe it, they say. The military is the only way out. Patriots are in control. We have caught them all and arrests will be made. I certainly like this theory better!

A woman holds a QAnon flag as protesters gather outside Governor Kate Brown’s residence in Salem, Ore.,
on April 25, 2020, calling for novel coronavirus restrictions to be lifted so that people can get back to work.
(Photo by Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

So is Trump an angel of God’s army? Or a deceiver working for Lucifer? If you are chuckling then you must be new to rabbit holes. There is certainly good and evil fighting for world domination, just as there is magic, both black and white, looking to shift our collective consciousness. If this jab is the evil elite’s endgame for us stupid peasants, then it is possible they have already won and death is only a matter of time. If the goal is to restore our republic and free mankind, then there is enough evidence available now to bring about justice and truth. Trump says we ought to have our freedoms but he also takes credit for creating these marvelous vaccines. What an enigma.

from the prophetic Illuminati card game

I only fear that letting the truth out of the bottle is not enough. These evil sorcerers believe in God’s laws but think they can escape their rightful karma by exposing themselves and their agenda. The revelation of the method—Q, Trump, devolution—could simply be part of their grand plan. They want to bring in a new version of an ancient Luciferian religion. They want to play god and defy mother nature. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Faith over fear. That’s what people with hope say. And they are right. Even if we are doomed, why worry about it? The Serenity Prayer asks God for the courage to change the things we can. So perhaps we should focus on that even as a dystopian world is revealed before us. Faith allows us to see possibilities instead of limitations.

Whatever the truth is, it takes time. History takes time. Wars take many years to pass and hindsight is shaped by the winners. There are so many lies we have lived with as if they were truth. I would love to live in a world where truth is fundamental and mankind is free. Since my logician skills are better than my psychic skills, I figured I would offer these two sides of the End Times theory coin and hope it lands right side up. On the side of liberty.

courage to change the things I can

In no rush to die,

Matthew August Leddy

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