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OPT OUT (a short film)

We are pleased to share our latest creation, a short film called


It’s about love and fascism and robots and transhumanism and humanity’s perpetual fight for freedom.

It also has a cute dog.

Here is the link to the short film: https://youtu.be/Wys9sn_Mi2s
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Leddy Set Go Productions


Kafkaesque, a radio thriller

Kafkaesque, a radio thriller
trailer and podcast pilot

A penniless transient takes shelter with an emotionally distraught female friend. One of them has a secret, evil agenda. The question is who? And who will get out alive?

Leddy Set Go Productions
a psychological thriller audio experience
and television pilot proof-of-concept
available on YouTube
and wherever you get your podcasts!
Written and directed by Matthew Leddy.
Starring: Annelisha Dixon, Matthew Leddy, Keith Ewell, Al Gerschutz, Autumn Palen and Chad and Cody Heffelfinger Original video footage, director of photography + poster art: Autumn Palen
This presentation contains some explicit language, drug use and scary moments.
Recommended for mature audiences only.

audio + video:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR9VBFMSEe8ylheCJk7FFkTuMxRz4jYU1

audio only:

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/leddysetgo

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/32wCdmWzQ3D8kgFmJrpfOB

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Leddy Set Go Productions:

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Every Day is Election Day

As I write this, we are only hours away from the 2020 US presidential election between Republican POTUS Donald Trump and Democratic former vice-president Joe Biden, along with the third party presidential candidates who fight the good fight in spite of the futility of their campaigns. I am not here to tell you how to vote or what to think. But I am writing this as an appeal to make election day every day: elect how to feel, how to act and which battles to fight. Because if you don’t make these choices consciously, they will be made for you, either by unelected agents of chaos or your own unconscious reptilian brain. Before participating in any election, however, we should get to the bottom of things and make sure we are acting from a place of truth.

Ever since I decided that truth was more important than popularity, I have been called a murderer (for offering free hugs), a Nazi, a racist, a sexist, a sleeper cell agent prepared to shoot Jews and Democrats, and, generally, a bad bad person. And this was just from my family and circle of friends! What could possibly prompt these people–who are always spouting the importance of tolerance, open-mindedness and civility—to condemn me as some sort of terrorist? As it turns out, thinking for yourself is only acceptable if you land upon the same pre-determined conclusions approved by the mass media and highly powerful political interests. So if by some miracle you were to question the media’s narrative on the coronavirus pandemic, the war on terror, the war on drugs or the necessity to burn down small businesses to combat racism, you would then qualify to be persona non-grata like me. Perhaps we could be cell mates in Gitmo.

I wrote previously about what it’s like to question mainstream propaganda. 2020 has been the year of awakening. As Big Tech took down hundreds of channels that challenged the mainstream disinformation intended to socially engineer the public’s mind, millions of people jumped ship from Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and found new homes on alternative websites with protocols to prevent censorship like duckduckgo, LBRY, Minds, Gab, Parler and CloutHub, to name a few. If at this point you are arguing in your head that censorship is justifiable because of Russia or whatever garbage you have been fed, you are wrong. This censorship went from mild to severe once the Democratic party candidate’s son was confirmed to be an agent of treason working on behalf of his father to profit from pay-to-play relationships with Ukraine, China and other adversaries. Pot, meet kettle. These facts are confirmed by the tenets of actual journalism, to which the American people have been told, “nothing to see here, folks”… at least not before they paint some lipstick on this pig.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a different kind of election. I know the popular sentiment—at least in liberal cities—is to hate the president. You cannot even mention his name without triggering a Pavlovian emotional outburst from otherwise rational beings. Trump certainly has warts and you couldn’t possibly miss them because the media reports on them 24/7. Whereas certain stories are carefully protected, any accusation or rumor against the president is treated as sacrosanct and is quickly disseminated among the masses. I don’t need to be a Trump fanatic to know this is disingenuous and wrong. So let’s take a quick look at the president fairly. He says he is making “America Great Again,” that he is draining the “swamp,” getting rid of stifling regulations, creating “law and order” and giving us a great economy despite the pandemic hysteria of this year. You are probably mocking these statements in your best Trump voice right now, but is he so wrong? The Mexico border wall, even if it’s a political stunt, is actually being built and, along with two executive orders, is preventing crime and human trafficking. Furthermore, the economy has grown 33% this year and, as far as I am aware, society is still functioning despite draconian state rules to shut everything down. People are always making the argument that Trump is a fascist dictator. If that is the case, he has shown marvelous self-restraint while actual fascism has been dictated through organizations like the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. Trump supporters claim to value freedom and self-reliance. I took these things for granted until the “new normal,” married with the “global financial reset” stated that freedom has an expiration date and that I have to follow their rules to survive. OK, over my dead body. Trump claims to be the antidote to this tyranny. Is he honest? It’s hard to tell sometimes but you have to wonder if he isn’t in fact the most honest—albeit theatrical—politician we have ever seen. Whether you believe him or not, he certainly plays his role convincingly, as a righteous king in a 5D chess match against an invisible enemy called the “deep state.”

To make sense of why so many people support the president, you have to make sense of their movement and what it stands for. On the surface, it’s just conservative populism on steroids. On a deeper level, Trump claims to represent a changing of the guard and a return to the American virtues that liberated us from a tyrannical monarchy. Even deeper than that, you have the Q movement which is starting to look more and more like a news reel than a conspiracy theory, which basically states that there are military insiders working with the president and leaking information to the American public which proves that the central banking system has kept us bound in debt slavery for the benefit of a handful of preposterously powerful bloodlines who own the medical establishment, the media, Hollywood, major corporations and most of the information we digest. Add to this list the corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle who have broken their oath to protect and uphold the US Constitution for personal profit and you have a pretty clear idea who Trump refers to when he mentions the “deep state.” As a whole, we must conclude, everybody on the deep state payroll is compromised, follows orders and is guilty of enabling a corrupt and criminal system hellbent on subjugating ordinary people or, as Bernie Sanders would describe them, the 99%.

To paint a clearer picture, Bernie Sanders is an appropriate example of someone with beautiful ideals who got corrupted by the same deep state he railed against, the same deceivers who want to dictate culture and control your mind. Bernie landed on the scene with all the right bona fides to challenge the liberal establishment and move them from their neo-liberal dogma to a system of fairness and equity for the working man. After they cheated him and compromised him, Bernie ran again on a bold “Joe is a good friend of mine” platform intended to bring independent thinkers back into the DNC fold. I don’t think it worked, Bernie. As he ignores how Biden is antithetical to progressive values while regurgitating what a failure Trump has been on the Covid crisis and the climate, it’s clear to some of us who Bernie now works for. Meanwhile, Trump absorbed the Federal Reserve into the Treasury in March through the CARES Act, he signed peace treaties and led a remarkably restrained foreign policy approach for an empire with a bloody history of regime change wars. In short, Trump’s actions seem like nails in the coffin of the deep state agenda. Even Bernie should be cheering for that.

What I have concluded from the major movements in my lifetime is that if the prescribed solution for a crisis is the loss of individual freedom, it is probably part of an agenda. We can solve our environmental, socio-economic and health challenges without handing over all our power to unscrupulous unelected forces with a track record of deception. If you are a lifelong liberal, it might take some adjustment to accept that collectivism is not always the answer to our problems. And you always have the individual right to say, “no, this is not for me.” Start practicing this now.

As the election looms and both sides talk about how they will reject the results if they don’t like them, all I can say with certainty is that, despite the collusion of the media with major corporations and Big Tech to spin a “Orange Man Bad” narrative, there is no objective reality in which Joe Biden will be our next president. There may be chaos, propaganda, trauma and cognitive dissonance before we accept that answer but it’s the truth.

The truth, from my perspective, is that there is a war happening behind the scenes for the soul of humanity. If you believe Q, they argue that the war has already been won and all the scary stuff in the world is a smokescreen to wake us up from our slumber and show us how close the darkness came to taking over our lives. And that the best is yet to come. To truly awaken, we must embrace our power to reject oppression, wherever it comes from. If you elect to trust your TV over your own intuition, you will lose. But if you elect to meditate, find your peace and share it with those you love, you will succeed. That’s why I say that every day is election day.

I voted for Barack Obama twice, then for Jill Stein in 2016 and, this time around, I proudly cast my vote for President Donald J. Trump with faith that he will continue to deliver on his promises and unite the nation through his actions. Love me or hate me, at least now you can see my thought process and that of millions who are part of the “silent majority.” But when it comes to truth vs. deception, we should never be silent and that is why I am sharing my voice here today.

Wherever you land politically, I hope I have sufficiently triggered you today. Whatever happens over the coming weeks, let’s elect to be cool, calm and collected… with gratitude that we live in a great nation during a momentous time in human history. 🇺🇸

And, by the way, I am no longer offering free hugs.

They are now $2.50 each.

And, yes, I always accept cash.



The Queens of Rock

When you think of “stadium rock” who comes to mind?

Carly Rae Jepsen?
Milli Vanilli?
The Blue Man Group?

I think we all know the one and only correct answer:

It’s one thing to rock in the studio and quite another to have the full package: larger-than-life songs, a larger-than-life frontman and a sound that can make the Wembley Stadium seem small. Despite all the other great musical acts that have filled stadiums in their day, Queen had the unique ability to merge elements of symphonic rock and classical music into a an epic theatrical and operatic experience.

They knew exactly what they were doing. They were creating anthems, songs that would become battle cries for fans, athletes and manly macho men, probably oblivious about the lead singer’s personal life. And that’s the point: who cares? The music transcends identity and all the things that divide us in society. It was simply pure, raw, powerful music that could make you feel like a king… or a queen.

The power and positivity of this music comes in no small part from Freddy Mercury’s faith, an often overlooked part of his life. Freddy was a Zoroastrian, which this article from The Conversation describes as follows:

“Truth is represented by light, and Parsis will always turn to a source of light when they pray, with fire, the sun and the moon all symbolizing this spiritual light.

Indeed, scholars have noted the strong historical influence that Zoroastrianism has had on concepts seen in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whether it’s monotheism, the duality of good and evil, or Satan.”

Queen is one of those rare human creations where true alchemy and a touch of God sparked sounds that brought people into jubilance. And, although Freddy bit the dust, Queen will continue to rock you. They are, indeed, the champions.

To celebrate their music, I present to you five of their classic recordings wonderfully remastered by my friend and collaborator Jose Miguel Montiel, a talented music engineer who breathes new life into these tracks.

You can also listen to what he did with some classic Michael Jackson tunes here. Don’t be shy to reach out if you would like to hire him for your next masterpiece.

So grab somebody to love and rock out to the rallying calls of rock ’n roll royalty!


Michael Jackson lives on!

Michael Jackson was the first artist who captured my imagination and made me feel like I could dance on clouds. I think everybody has some memory of the man and his music and the way he made you feel.

Growing up in Mexico, blasting my first MJ cassette tapes and compact discs ad nauseam, one day I saw a TV commercial that would change my life: Michael was going to perform live in Mexico City! I was only nine years old and had never been to a concert before. But I pleaded with my father and he happily bought us tickets. After postponing the scheduled show once due to a dental emergency, Michael came back and delivered the experience of a lifetime to his legions of fans at the Aztec Stadium. It was 1994, The Dangerous Tour. My dad, my first girlfriend Ashley, The King of Pop, his band, crew and dancers and too many ecstatic fans to count. It was a night to remember.

I think we all remember the time and place where we were when we heard that Michael died. I was walking on 9th Avenue not far from Central Park in Manhattan, heading to a drugstore. And I started to hear the murmurs. It was like everyone had just lost a relative, someone who, despite all the trials, tribulations and controversies, had moved us to our core. That’s the power of music.

There’s no way I can say anything with certainty but, in a world filled with deception, here’s what my gut and various clues tell me about Michael Jackson: Not only was he a good man but he still is. There is reason to believe he faked his death and went incognito as a man named “Dave Dave.” Furthermore, I think he was a victim, not a perpetrator, of evil deeds. Some conspiracies are real and there are nefarious forces within Hollywood and the music industry that are hellbent on destroying the reputation of anybody who does not play along with their Luciferian agenda. Maybe he was damaged, traumatized and confused. But not bad. Because it’s hard to believe that a bad person could put out so much positivity into the world. I’m sure Michael condemns evil but forgives those who have been forced to lie about him. Wherever he is, I’m sure he takes solace in the enduring effect of his effervescent, love-filled musical legacy. At least, that’s what I choose to believe.

In celebration of that legacy, I have decided to share some bangin’ remixes of a handful of his greatest tunes in the playlist below. These tracks were re-mastered by my friend and collaborator Jose Miguel Montiel, a stellar musical engineer who should be working with the best artists. He breathes a whole new life into these classic tracks. If you want to hire him, please contact me so we can engineer some magic together. And check out his remasters of some timeless Queen songs here.

Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy these jams!



Dearest family,

I write to you with not only my personal plight, but that of many who have dared to think for themselves and landed squarely opposed to the mainstream narrative. The weight on my shoulders comes not from a wounded ego or a stubborn mind but, rather, my inability to find common ground with you and achieve what we all truly want: unity. 

The good news is that I have fresh eyes and I think I can see a way out of this mess. But, first, a little backstory.

You, dear baby boomers, come from a classical age where the press appeared to be the great equalizer, the champion of the common man, exposing the sins of the elite. It was the “free press,” after all, and, with no competition from the internet and its many uncontrolled channels of first amendment bliss, it was easy to digest that narrative. And there were some great journalists, entertainers and what we now call “influencers” sticking their middle finger to The Man through extraordinary work. Those speeches from the film Network still ring as true as ever. 

In my lifetime, however, our sources of information have multiplied exponentially. Yet the Wizard behind the curtain still rears his ugly head in the form of a few corporations and a handful of Silicon Valley social networks and platforms that have decided to play God with said information. Regardless, the truth persists, no matter how many ways they try to erase it or distort it. The trick is to recognize it in a world overwhelmed with deceitful theatrics vying for our attention.

That’s where your world and mine collide, dear elders. You see, through terrible tragedy, my generation was given the opportunity to dig for the truth through open-source journalism and communal research. We saw the twin towers go down along with the rest of the world. And the question was no longer, “how did this happen?” but, “which version do you believe?” Suddenly, “inside job” became part of our vocabulary. And, through my own curiosity, I found the answers that resonated best with me, leading to my eventual friendship with the men who made the first “truther” film about 9/11. This, my friends, was a seminal moment in time. A moment where citizens proved better journalists and filmmakers than the ones with the big bucks. A moment where many of us saw that the truth doesn’t necessarily come from the fancy news stations and periodicals. As a matter of fact, it seldom does.

Fast-forward to 2020. That bitch. Where, oh where, to start? In this day and age, the internet is no longer the outlier of media but the primary source. And yet, the Wizard continues to play his tricky games to the point where a narrative, flowing from those same corporations and Silicon Valley sources, is so obviously engineered for those with the eyes to see it. Whereas before, they only needed to worry about a handful of TV channels and newspapers, they now had to manufacture consent for the entire subscription cable package and internet audience. This means they have to use psychology to make sure you don’t believe anything that they can’t control. Slowly but surely, even YouTube became ThemTube. So they dubbed critical analyses of false flags, psyops and social engineering agendas simply, “conspiracy theories,” worthy only of mockery. If they could time travel, they would have called the Zapruder film an unhinged, dangerous, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, far-right wing nonsense conspiracy propaganda piece. And you would have believed ‘em. 

It is at this juncture that I ask you to consider which stories have been dubbed with those exact same descriptors. I will admit, in my less critical days, that I fell for it too. If a story sounded ridiculous, I would mock it along with the late night comics and overpaid news actors. But, you see, public relations runs through my blood, as well as revolutionary iconoclasm, so I would eventually catch up with the truth: it’s all a big lie to make you love your slavery.

Alright, I will tone down my rhetoric, since I know how you will react if I get too wild on my soap box. But I started this letter with a pledge to resolve this impasse between us. You see, you come from an age where you chose the best option you had before you. And that option was the free press. But today, with a million information options, you must realize that this free press is simply the most powerful avenue that the Wizard has to program the minds of the masses. Those of us who were raised in the ashes of a more innocent time saw that we had to dig deeper. And that the truth would only appear through good-willed citizen journalists devoid of any agenda except truth. Movements come and go but the truth endures.

And so, with that spirit of seeking truth in a world of lies, I have made my way through many movements like punk rock, the vegan revolution, occupying wall street, #FreeAssange, Bernie Sanders, and, as of late, #SaveOurChildren and Q. You will notice there appears to be a radical shift there, if you view the world on a binary axis. And I did not mention the most popular movements of today. That’s because those movements are compromised. Like with any clever deception, the Wizard will latch onto some truth and manipulate it to gain support for his own agenda. Before you condemn me as callous or un-woke, please remember I was out there covering police brutality, documenting progressive issues and speaking out against racial profiling long before the current engineered movements appeared on the scene. 

I can hear your judgments already. I have changed. I am a fool. I am easily deceived. Actually, my allegiance has always been true only to the truth. And sometimes the truth becomes compromised. And only awakened eyes can recognize the disguise. 

Without taking you through every step of my personal journey, I just ask for your compassion in comprehending how I landed on Q at this moment in time. In short, I was fully consumed by the fear of a New World Order. I saw the signs and it was real. But, try as they may, even with the present tempests, it has not manifested. Because Q, a secret plan decades in the making, was the antidote. And, if it is truly true–and I believe it is–then we are living through the single most transformative moment in time since Jesus Christ and the creation of Earth itself. We are coming into an age where all our biases will melt away in the wonder of a new system that frees us from our shackles and allows us simply to live how God intended. But I will save my thoughts on this subject for another letter.

For now, I have a modest request. Please refrain from judging or mocking anything that sounds outlandish or even offensive. For mockery is the opposite of compassion. And we all need compassion more than ever right now. That is the way out of this mess. Yes, the world has some problems. But, in this timeline, we have dodged not only a bullet but a nuclear holocaust, according to my deepest research and intuition. I will delve more deeply into this soon. 

For the moment, let’s be grateful that we are here and remember that the only real pandemic is one of fear. And on the other side of fear is love. And forgiveness. And compassion. And, although I often fail at all these things, I share my thoughts because I love you and I want you to be free with me. 

Until next time, take care of your body and your mind, dearest elders. And thank you for paving the way for us, the critical thinkers of the internet age, forever seeking truth.


Matthew, et al

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2020: a global goodbye

or How I Learned To Continue Worrying and Brace For The Bomb
or The End Is Here
or Earth: Season Finale
or Predictive Programming: A Love Story
or The Human Show

by Matthew August Leddy

There are few moments in history in which the participants knew with certainty their world was about to change for good. Somehow, you and I, dear reader, chose to incarnate into such a time. We already know the world is changing. What frightens me most is that it is changing in the very way I foresaw over half a year ago, just before the proverbial fertilizer hit the ventilator.

It’s pointless to argue about what is truly happening in this very instant when there is a multi-billion dollar disinformation campaign coming from our very own corporatocracy. Every story that does not align with the official narrative is smeared and that smear is repeated endlessly until people regurgitate it ad nauseam, resulting in tragic indifference or hatred toward conspiracy facts. In turn, our collective minds succumb to the social engineering without seeing where it ultimately leads, like self-righteous little sheep shepherded into the abattoir. They have created a scorched-earth strategy towards molding our minds.

My mind, frankly, is tired of being molded when I know now as I knew seven months ago where this all leads. By knowing the destination, the steps along the way are no longer so surprising, although they are still traumatizing. When you realize you’ve seen the movie that you’re now living in, the only question remains, “what’s my role?” I don’t know if I’ve found the answer because the storyline is so grim. The story that is playing out before our very eyes has not yet passed through the dark night of the soul. But covering my eyes will not turn the movie off.

Sure enough, movies are one of the vessels through which the truth of this world came to me. As I learned more occult knowledge, I began to notice the signs and symbols and predictive programming that are displayed in our popular culture, softening our prefrontal cortex into accepting our potential future. Big-budget blockbusters became a treasure trove of symbology that could help me decipher where humanity is being led. The projects of the Nolan brothers, for example, were no longer simply stories about a caped crusader, a war fiasco and robot people. They became a roadmap for a global initiation ritual, a cataclysm that has already been planned and the transhumanist technocracy that will be forced upon us. If you look closely enough, you can see these clues among the work of all the greatest directors. And they all touch on the truth they are not allowed to confess freely: the world is run by a psychopathic secret society that is prepared to sacrifice us all to bring about their new world order.

That, I’m afraid, is the much-meme’d “red pill” that we all have to swallow.

I don’t know if knowing this helps much. I am still unable to single-handedly change the outcome of history if it has already been written for us. Once you accept that the people with the “End Is Near” signs are actually the sane ones, you are left only with a few simple questions to answer. How should I live? How should I die? How can I share the most love before I go? Before the movie ends, what role am I playing? And how can I make my story have a great freakin’ ending?

However this movie goes, I am reminded by the greatest story of all time that after a good life and death always comes resurrection. And that the light never dies.

To infinity, and beyond!

The year of the dog-eat-dog

Getting through the wild whirlwind that has been my 2018, I slipped and somehow managed to neglect my fans, all four of you. In the words of Radiohead, “for a minute there, I lost myself.” But with every apparent death comes a rebirth (see: Jesus) and mine starts with reconnecting with you, dear reader (AKA mom, probably).

2018 has been sort of like a minefield where the mines have their own mines who in turn shoot out lasers toward my naughty bits. Quite unpleasant, if you ask me. I know I’m not the only one who has been tested during this ever-changing year. Chaos, natural disasters, injustices and the rotten core of humanity were on full display, reflecting our own turbulent nature. And that was just the New Year’s party. But I’m a storyteller and I knew these stories could not possibly all end in doom and gloom.

Sure enough, from the belly of the whale, I was able to see light. And, just in time, some Japanese fishermen pulled me out of that whale.  Because they just legalized whaling in Japan again.

What I discovered upon returning to civilization–back to community and friendship and love– is that the sociopaths of the Earth have their days numbered. The world they want to impose on us is a lie and it is decaying beneath their feet. The only world we will inherit is being built by collaboration, expression, joy, uninhibited creation and truth. I know, I know–crazy stuff.

I write down these bold ideas not as the manifesto of some lunatic–I’m saving that for later–but as the experiencer of grace in a world of lies. Having seen for myself how low some people will go for self-gain, I lost a great deal of faith in mankind. But I was saved by love and brought back to my mission: to create a sustainable new world together. It is, after all, the dawning of the age of Aquarius (Aquarius, Aquarius!)

Once I reconnected with old and new friends sharing a common purpose, we created some cool stuff together, built trust, made memories and helped each other out.

A few examples:

I was the guy who called out “take ninety seven” before clapping that clapper thing on a terrific TV pilot called Dr. Scotty’s Intergalactic Motel and Cafe, which could loosely be described as “Mr. Rogers in space with puppets.” I also got to fondle some of the puppets. With consent, of course.

I helped out my pal and director Dylan Avery and cinematographer Korey Rowe on this exceptionally creepy short film called “Trust Me” along with some dear friends.


I brushed up on my slapstick comedy skills to play a dim-witted coke fiend (somehow not a stretch) in a loony indie movie called The Ghost in the Air Conditioner. No further explanation necessary.


I also explored / made up the wildly brazen character of Smoke in my friends’ spec pilot Natushka & Elena, which is completely improvised and ridiculously entertaining.


I offered my free hands and other limbs to director Autumn Palen on the set of Worst Case Scenario, a short film about facing death and being saved by love. Sound familiar?


I returned to Underscore Films to help out with this delightfully silly Santa spot for MeUndies (“Less sexy, Santa! Less sexy!“)…

… followed by an adventurous spec commercial for (insert aviation company here once they hire us). The level of talent, professionalism and ambition on these shoots was inspiring. It reminded me that if I dream big enough, I too can one day grow up to be an airplane.


What else? Oh, yes, I got a job! A tele-screen job, no less, at a wonderfully diverse company.



As I mentioned, I’ve been so busy surfing the sometimes treacherous / sometimes exciting waves of this crazy year that I’ve forgotten to send you selfies of myself with every meal.

While I have enjoyed breaking the vice of device–at least a little–I have resolved to get out of my cocoon in 2019 and share the important things in life–like puppies, new creations and tasteful latte art. But I resolve that most of my sharing shall be in person, with the folks I love.

Finally–he said unpretentiously–I resolve to embody the spirit of revolution and lovingly tear down the matrix we inhabit. Because, if this system is a simulation, it’s totes lame and I’m quite confident we can build a better one. #buildabettersimulation

That’s all for 2018, year of the dog. 2019 will be the year of the pig. May your piggy be healthy, happy and cared for by vegans.

Now it’s your turn. What are you going to create?


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