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OPT OUT (a short film)

We are pleased to share our latest creation, a short film called


It’s about love and fascism and robots and transhumanism and humanity’s perpetual fight for freedom.

It also has a cute dog.

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Kafkaesque, a radio thriller

Kafkaesque, a radio thriller
trailer and podcast pilot

A penniless transient takes shelter with an emotionally distraught female friend. One of them has a secret, evil agenda. The question is who? And who will get out alive?

Leddy Set Go Productions
a psychological thriller audio experience
and television pilot proof-of-concept
available on YouTube
and wherever you get your podcasts!
Written and directed by Matthew Leddy.
Starring: Annelisha Dixon, Matthew Leddy, Keith Ewell, Al Gerschutz, Autumn Palen and Chad and Cody Heffelfinger Original video footage, director of photography + poster art: Autumn Palen
This presentation contains some explicit language, drug use and scary moments.
Recommended for mature audiences only.

audio + video:

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Actualize!, a short film inspired by Danny Elfman

At 11:11 AM on 11/11/17, Actualize! premiered on YouTube.com/LeddySetGo

In the pursuit of self-actualization, a man must sacrifice his body, his time and his love before he can see clearly.  Actualize! is a short film featuring a score by Danny Elfman, produced by Leddy Set Go Productions for the Film Independent Rabbit & Rogue challenge, allowing filmmakers to create a story inspired by compositions in Elfman’s Rabbit & Rogue ballet, previously unused in film. This unique opportunity allowed friends from Leddy Set Go Productions to weave a fantastical story about our human potential and the sacrifices needed to self-actualize. Enjoy it in glorious 4K!

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blogging in a new world order

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time. A general feeling of, “what’s the point?” combined with the existential dread of chasing cyber-windmills is not conducive to the best writing, especially in a world where everybody puts their best fake face forward to give more data to our technocratic overlords. I wish I were joking. But even in a dystopian world where nothing really makes sense, the creative spark of humanity lives on. The greatest artists often lived through troubled times.

The trouble with our world is that the loudest voices and the most prominent ideas are well-funded while the rest of the crowd keeps the machinery lubed up and running. While the internet gives us an illusion of an even, meritocratic playing field, we are no different than lab rats given a variety of stimuli. In that sense, we are part of the largest lab tests ever conducted, where information, medicine, and the entire machine work together to sustain this parasitic society. Although society has its perks, being a part of it necessarily means enslaving yourself to its demands and its rules. I will elaborate.

I often thought that as I developed my skills, the quality of my work would be recognized accordingly. It’s no surprise that big tech rewards “useful” voices and not those who contradict their agendas. So when I shared my documentary work covering the “insurrection” I saw first-hand how the technocracy squashes dissenting facts and opinions and ultimately erases history, just as they erased my films from YouTube, as if to invalidate my value and experience as a “citizen journalist”. I saw how sensationalist propaganda made people mean and incapable of critical thought. By the end of 2022, I saw how society had been fragmented into pieces where nobody had a firm grasp on reality anymore, only clinging to illusions they were fed in the meta-matrix.

By being in this societal matrix, you agree to all the offers put in front of you: rental contracts, purchase contracts, lease agreements, life insurance, death insurance, terms and conditions, legal policies, credit, monthly payments, taxes, little personal time, little family time, no family at all, being a wage slave, running on your hamster wheel, consuming poison, learning nothing, death and repetition for all eternity. That’s what you agree to do to to be a full member of this beast system.

I don’t have an easy escape from the system. But I know being a part of it is optional. Our world is based on natural laws and principles that can be learned and shared offline for many generations to come. Your home is still your home and you can instill values in your children that will let them live freely no matter what chaos is happening in the world. The powers that be want to destroy the uniqueness of each individual in favor of a Borg-like army of hive-minded drones. But God did not design us that way. We were designed to break free from our shackles and create something new.

When I was censored and removed from various platforms just for sharing my uninfringed creative voice, it was hurtful but not all that surprising. It gave me permission to enjoy anonymity and see the world beyond the black mirror. It validated my work as something counter-cultural or at least counter-tyrannical.

Two years since that cold January day, many of the people’s concerns about tyranny have become manifest. I have had to take a step back and watch it all unfold while figuring out how to survive in these strange times. Only a year ago, my rights as a living being were being denied in the name of a highly suspicious health claim. In my eyes, that entire medical behemoth has come crashing down and we are now preparing to see the financial system and every corrupt institution collapse with it. Yet, somehow, this is not considered polite conversation at Thanksgiving or Christmas, where, if you’re allowed to attend sans injection, you will likely hear complaints that your yearly gratitude death-bird cost three times more than usual without questioning the root causes or wondering why we feed off of death in the first place. But I digress.

This world has only become stranger over the years. And the events we see before us shine light on all the lies and fabrications man has built to keep us hypnotized. I don’t know if there is an easy escape. But I know that animals don’t need to go to school and get into debt and cook their food in order to live, procreate and be happy. We have built so many tools that now we depend on them to survive inside our quickly withering gilded cages. Our survival skills have barely survived. So that’s my only lesson, if there is one to be found here. Minimize your dependence. Kill your techno-darlings. Live in the spirit of the Creator instead of all the millions of mind-tricks crafted by the devil.

If we expect to see righteousness thrive in this realm, we need to start living it and experiencing it every day as the sovereign beings we were designed to be. That’s my agenda and I’m sticking to it until the day they terminate me.

the blackest pill

weighing our options in a post-truth world

There exist at this juncture at least two distinct possibilities about where our world is heading: either to heaven or to hell. I have discussed in previous editorials how there is likely a plan, a hand of God and righteous men guiding key world events in order to bring us into a golden new age. On the flip side, I have also written about the evil New World Order plans that have been well documented by whistleblowers and renegade journalists. Let us examine these two possibilities in an impartial, logical manner.

My interest in this subject reached a boil in the couple of years leading up to the “pandemic.” The secrets of the elite were being exposed through Wikileaks and other sources while Trump came into office as an iconoclast looking to root out the “deep state,” whatever that meant. At work, my friend talked about who might be in the illuminati, whether in Hollywood, politics or big business. None of that mattered a great deal to me. What I cared about was movies. Films, even. Learning from the masters of cinema, the greats. Kubrick. And that’s when I started to see it: the symbolism. That’s when I started to realize there really was an ancient and evil force controlling almost everything we experience.

come play with us

One rabbit trail leads to another and pretty soon the mysterious can become overwhelming. Knowing the deeper truths—and fictions—about our reality can test one’s faith in our future. Are we destined to thrive or become cat food? Will free will trump tyranny? Does good beat evil in the end?

Needless to say, I had a lot of strong theories about what was going on as the pandemic swept the world in a spiral of senselessness, fear and confusion. But rational conversations became impossible as people took the news as gospel and became very defensive when challenged. That’s why blogging is so nice. There is nobody to contradict you or call you names.

In a nutshell, the theories in 2020 are the same as the ones in 2021, only the stakes have gotten much higher. We can see a fake new president and a fake administration defending their fake victory while a vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine and mutates your genes is being actively pushed on the population, leading to a social credit system that is ready to roll out. Objective truth is a thing of the past, as we are forced to wear useless masks to participate in commerce. Soon, you will need to be injected with this suspicious substance in order to continue participating in society. It’s a global satanic initiation ritual and you cannot prove me wrong. Worst of all, people who have received the jab likely have a nano-bot or some sort of life form inside their body which could very likely grow and multiply and attack the host in a matter of months, leading to a zombie apocalypse as Hollywood has predicted so many times. When the former chief scientist of Pfizer predicts the same thing, that is disconcerting. All of this lines up with the evil NWO agenda and it’s the stuff of nightmares.

The flip-side theory lines up with those kooky Q-anon philosophers and devolution bloggers who believe this will all lead to justice, truth, peace and harmony once we have weathered this storm. We needed to see it to believe it, they say. The military is the only way out. Patriots are in control. We have caught them all and arrests will be made. I certainly like this theory better!

A woman holds a QAnon flag as protesters gather outside Governor Kate Brown’s residence in Salem, Ore.,
on April 25, 2020, calling for novel coronavirus restrictions to be lifted so that people can get back to work.
(Photo by Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

So is Trump an angel of God’s army? Or a deceiver working for Lucifer? If you are chuckling then you must be new to rabbit holes. There is certainly good and evil fighting for world domination, just as there is magic, both black and white, looking to shift our collective consciousness. If this jab is the evil elite’s endgame for us stupid peasants, then it is possible they have already won and death is only a matter of time. If the goal is to restore our republic and free mankind, then there is enough evidence available now to bring about justice and truth. Trump says we ought to have our freedoms but he also takes credit for creating these marvelous vaccines. What an enigma.

from the prophetic Illuminati card game

I only fear that letting the truth out of the bottle is not enough. These evil sorcerers believe in God’s laws but think they can escape their rightful karma by exposing themselves and their agenda. The revelation of the method—Q, Trump, devolution—could simply be part of their grand plan. They want to bring in a new version of an ancient Luciferian religion. They want to play god and defy mother nature. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Faith over fear. That’s what people with hope say. And they are right. Even if we are doomed, why worry about it? The Serenity Prayer asks God for the courage to change the things we can. So perhaps we should focus on that even as a dystopian world is revealed before us. Faith allows us to see possibilities instead of limitations.

Whatever the truth is, it takes time. History takes time. Wars take many years to pass and hindsight is shaped by the winners. There are so many lies we have lived with as if they were truth. I would love to live in a world where truth is fundamental and mankind is free. Since my logician skills are better than my psychic skills, I figured I would offer these two sides of the End Times theory coin and hope it lands right side up. On the side of liberty.

courage to change the things I can

In no rush to die,

Matthew August Leddy

Hey Lefties: It’s Not Me; It’s You.

or “I Haven’t Changed; You Have. My Break-up Letter To The Left.”

Warning: my opinions are controversial and often unpopular albeit correct.

Where’s the lie?

I’m talking to you, lefties.

I used to pride myself on my leftiness. I would pat myself on the back for caring about the disenfranchised, hating oppression and demanding equality. Somehow the same people who espoused those values have now become full-blown communists and they don’t even realize it. Hey, lefties: I haven’t changed; you have.

The goal of activism, I always thought, was to create policies that reflected our values, which meant gaining public support for a cause and pressuring leaders to represent us. It was rare to find a politician who genuinely sided with “the people” while staying faithful to the tenets of the USA, the constitution and the bill of rights. (Note to the left: the constitution and the bill of rights were documents created during the founding of our nation to protect us from tyranny. Tyranny is that thing you support right now because there’s a cold going around).

Between 2015 and 2021, however, I saw leftist activists disintegrate, by design, from good-hearted champions of the underdog to unhinged Bolshevik revolutionaries and if you know history you know that’s not a compliment. I saw BLM hijack a scheduled Bernie Sanders speech in Seattle to make their case to the public, a case that had merit at first but quickly devolved, along with Anti-Fa, into a violent, “de-centralized” movement intent on holding the country hostage over its impossible political demands. These popular movements taught me a couple things, namely that you cannot reason with a mob and “when you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail”… a white, male and very racist nail. Galvanized by outrage porn, well-meaning lefties went along with it, oblivious to how propaganda can destabilize a nation via mind-control. These movements, funded by nefarious elites, were made a pop sensation by woke corporations who normalized indoctrination. Before long, everyone was woke but very few were awake.

Needless to say, a SJW I am not. But I never called myself a patriot, either. I grew up in the W. Bush era when “Patriot Act” meant mass surveillance and patriotism was used as a veil to cover up our heinous crimes against humanity in other countries with the sad excuse of fighting terrorism. I started to realize we’d been sold a bill of goods by a corrupt right wing administration and being a lefty seemed like the only sane answer. Obama proved that theory wrong. He just added some pizzazz to the criminal status quo.

Today, many lefties are literally championing mandatory injections of an experimental substance that modifies your genes, “vaccine” passports and the complete eradication of individual freedom, privacy and sovereignty. From what I have gleaned through social media and California conversations, they lap it all up without a critical thought or a hint of historical awareness. What a difference a few years can make. It’s enough to make George Orwell and Aldous Huxley facepalm. Even the slightest skepticism would lead you to the undeniable fact that the people who want you jabbed and muzzled are demons who should never be allowed to force health decisions on you and should certainly not be trusted. Yet I see so many on the left–with few exceptions–who blindly offer that sacred trust, ignoring every red flag along the way.

Oddly enough, I have to thank the dark leftist political machine for showing me the light. Before the 2016 election, I still had the idealistic notion that we could create systemic change through activism, voting and being good citizens. (Cue: loud, cackling laughter.)

This nice old Jewish man named Bernie Sanders came along and he appeared to have all the right bona fides we would want: a lifelong activist for the working man, independent, disliked by the establishment and a champion of policies that could theoretically help all non-rich people. His dream sounded great but we would never see it become reality since the Borg came along and assimilated Bernie into its machinery. They manipulated him and his message. That’s how Bernie went from raging against the machine to raging on its behalf. Either that or he was a deep state sleeper agent from the start.

That experience, where I poured sweat and tears into the hope for a better tomorrow, “a future to believe in”, ended in disappointment and the coronation of the most vile candidate ever; a fat, arrogant, rude and deadly hypocrite. I’m referring, of course, to Hillary Clinton.
(It’s funny because you thought I was going to say Trump and you were fine with that description. Gotcha!)

Yes, the selection was in for HRC, the deep state’s most despicable—you could even say deplorable—woman, accused of terrible crimes, decades of corruption and an ever-growing body count left in her wake. They expected us to ignore the rampant election fraud during that primary and bow down to this demon woman even as she laughed off the WikiLeaks that exposed her crimes while the FBI did damage control. At this point, my hopes were shattered and I gave up on politics. My only consolation was exposing the deceivers and arguing with fools online. I do not recommend this as a recipe for great mental health.

And then Trump won. I was quite agnostic about him. He shared Bernie’s anti-establishment populist New York “F U” sort of attitude but from the opposite side of the coin, the side that loves capitalism and thinks we should ALL be in the one percent. (Cue: roaring laughter at my great joke.)

Long story short about Trump: I didn’t adore the man but I was relieved and humored when he won. The election fraud karma of the primaries had come back to bite the Dems in the butt. It was poetic justice for all the people I had grown to hate. I saw the media and every corrupt politician rail against The Donald and that was enough to give the guy some credit. Despite all his faults, he was a fighter and an outlier with a bold nationalist vision for America. He had beat the dreaded globalist machine and the machine threw a great conniption fit. They accused him of being the worst monster ever to walk the face of the Earth with scarce evidence to back it up. I still thought he might be illuminati but I was amused.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, the leftist machine abandoned practical policy arguments in favor of full-time TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), identity politics, racism against white people, decimation of the English language, pushing for children to question their sexual orientation and their gender and all sorts of other stupid stuff. With the help of Hollywood, they endorsed a godless culture that would make Babylon blush all the while subversively demonizing American virtues of family, faith and national pride.

Needless to say, I was out. Whatever had drawn me into Bernie’s message of love and hope for our fellow man had devolved into a senseless Luciferian nightmare of the mind. In short, Bernie became a meme.

Scene from The Berning, probably.

And that’s when the plandemic hit.

Whatever shenanigans the left had played before were now fully weaponized. We were suddenly at war with an invisible enemy. But it wasn’t really against a virus. It was against information intended to deceive and enslave. It was the full machine, fully exposed, fully weaponized and fully jumping the shark. The Great Awakening of 2020 through 2021 has so far revealed the evil lengths to which they will go to take your mind, your identity and your freedom. It has revealed who works for the dark and who works for the light. It’s been quite educational, really.

A year ago I could forgive people for not seeing through all the smoke and mirrors. But if you are still slumbering now then it’s almost too late. I’m only picking on the left as a group because they were supposed to be the good guys fighting to protect the little guy from injustice and abuse. Now, in this upside down world, the left can best be described as a “captured operation” working in lock-step with their party, the media, Big Tech, Big Pharma scientism and major corporations to end freedom in the USA. Where did they go astray? The true sin of individual lefties is simply going along with every agenda thrown their way without the principles or critical thinking or courage to say no. “No, you will not deprive me of my rights. No, you will not censor those who challenge you. No, you will not steal our freedom.” See, it’s not that hard.

To me, what has happened to the left is just proof that any organization, any movement and any entity can be controlled and corrupted if they don’t watch out. The result is that now the mind of America is fractured and everybody has somebody to blame and it’s usually the wrong party. I’ve been called all sorts of names simply for not going along with propaganda. I’ve witnessed the damage that lies can do to a mind. I’ve seen leftist friends become radicalized by NPR (!) and say unironically they can’t wait to go shoot Republicans. One stranger called me a “whack-ass colonizer” in the comment section of a flag-burning video just for, you know, discouraging flag-burning! Another stranger online called for my death simply because I’m white. That’s how bad the mind-control has gotten in the so-called party of co-existence and tolerance. And it honestly just makes me feel sad and old. Remember respectful disagreements, kids? Seems like some people who want to smash the patriarchy could have really used a bit more patriarchy growing up. Sheesh.

In conclusion, I didn’t leave the left. The left left me. Gun to my head, I will say I am independent and I love liberty because everything else we hold dear depends on it. Whoever fights for liberty balanced with practicality in good faith earns my vote. But first, we must fix the vote. We must expose the lies and reveal the truth. And once that is done, once this disaster of a Democrat puppet president and his faux-administration is lawfully kicked to the curb, we will see if Trump is the righteous man he claims to be. Can he really help save America? If the devolution rumors are true, I believe there will be a turn of events that will allow for him—backed by the best military in the world and good ol’ fashioned American values— to bring all of us together again after witnessing this horror show of American communism made in China. There must be a plan because right now we are seeing just how sinister this deep state machine really is. Perhaps we are that plan.

Today’s youth needs to see what many foreigners who fled communism already know: that this ends either in the gulag or in a victorious fight for freedom. Once the deep state boot tries to squash your sovereignty, then and only then will you grow a backbone, stand for your rights and appreciate the American values you took for granted. Then and only then will we regain a sense of true patriotism for the “land of the free.” Then and only then will we demand a new government beholden to the people and our inalienable rights without divisive lies and propaganda and intrusion. And without six dollar gas!

Seriously, WTF!

Once we weather this storm, there will be a new left. And a new right. There will be accountability. Those founding documents still work. And the founding fathers were pretty smart, even if they were white men. By living today, no matter your color or creed, you can be a founding papa or mama of a new and improved USA (or wherever you live) simply by doing something. Get a grip on reality and fight peacefully and patriotically for the rights they are trying to steal from you. This is not a drill! If you have a pulse, you should sense by now that this is an extraordinary time to be awake and alive. This Great Awakening should reveal that our collective future is at stake and your mind is ground zero. If we calibrate our moral compass, right this ship and sail righteously toward truth and liberty, we can really make America great again… like, greater than your wildest dreams.

Fingers crossed.

Otherwise, I’ll see you at the gulag.


Matthew August

“whack-ass colonizer”

instagram: @ MatthewAugustWrites

CNN’s Nine Eleven on VHS

I wrote this piece six months ago and for today’s 20th anniversary of 9/11/2001 I have added a brief but important postlude.

On a fall morning in Florida during my junior year of high school, around my third period American History class with Mr. Ratner, something happened. Something newsworthy. Something world-altering. On a positive side, we got to ditch school early. That might be the only positive side.

The morning was September 11th, 2001. Being in Miami, I was pretty safe. But we had no idea what was going on except for the pieces of the puzzle crashing into our eyes and ears through the TV and the radio. They actually rolled out one of those big old televisions that schools have used since the ‘80s so substitute teachers could play a science documentary or something. Except, this time, we were watching grainy footage of planes crashing into the World Trade towers in New York City.

By the time my mom picked me up from school and quarantined me in the living room, I felt a strange numbness to it all. It was exciting. But people were dying. It was unusual. It was horrible. None of it made sense. I just remember thinking, “I hope this doesn’t mean I have to go to war.”

As I scrolled through the TV channels, it was all so surreal. Every channel except for the ones playing infomercials and kids’ programming were covering the tragedy. I knew how to record television using our VHS player, so that’s exactly what I did. I left it on CNN until the tape ran out. Two hours of a strange movie playing out in real time.

The story started to form: a terrible thing happened. It was intentional. It was national. It was coordinated. It was terrorists. Foreign terrorists. Islamic terrorists. So it was international. We are not safe. We’ve got to do something. We will do anything. We will even give up our rights!

I think you see where this story is going because you probably also lived through it. You probably have your own vivid story to tell. Because how could you forget?

We did go to war. Thankfully, there was no draft forcing me to join. But I feel for those who did serve and for all the lives lost because of that terrible day.

Years later I would see a viral conspiracy video about September 11th. It blew my mind and made me look at the world differently. I would eventually befriend the filmmakers and collaborate with them on several projects. Just one of those weird things, I guess.

Now that we are approaching the 20th anniversary of 9/11 while living through an entirely different sort of collective trauma, each person reading this will have their own ideas about what the heck is actually going on, just as you have your own ideas about what happened twenty years ago.

I will simply leave you with this: as hindsight shaped your view of what happened twenty years ago, how do you think hindsight will shape your view of what’s happening today? Only time will tell, I suppose.

I found that VHS tape. It’s probably a good time to share it with you, so we can learn a thing or two from history.

Never forget.

God bless 🇺🇸

Here’s a playlist with the trailer followed by the two-hour tape:

Postlude: Since I wrote this blog last March, the world has become fully dystopian. Some people call it the Book of Revelation or the End Times. Some call it the Great Awakening. Whatever you call it, I’m quite certain your world has shifted dramatically during Covid and the new Biden administration. Perhaps you have opened your eyes to the dark reality that those who promise to protect us may be–in a word–evil. Perhaps you have started to question the official narratives told by the news, history and our most sacred institutions. Just as 9/11 exposed evil, the last 18 months revealed the truth despite all the lies. And truth has a certain staying power once you see it with your own eyes. It can be hidden, propagandized, CGI’d or deep-faked but, eventually, the truth comes out and cannot be denied. With the spirit of truth, remembrance and overdue justice, I share the below video for you to observe, question and seek answers. The answers will arrive sooner than you think.


Matthew August Leddy



The Devil in DC: An Eyewitness Epilogue

all my DC reporting here!


As the devil’s advocate, it’s my job to search for controversy. On January 6th, 2021 in Washington, D.C., I certainly found it. What started as an innocent documentary project quickly turned into the biggest story in the world, one that will shape history and the future of our republic, if it stands.

After a seven hour drive to Capitol Hill, I got some footage at the Lincoln Memorial and checked in to a snug AirBnB where I met a few others who were in town to witness the same event: the Save America March and Rally hosted by President Donald J. Trump. One of the guys, an older Filipino gentleman, will turn out to be significant later in our tale. So remember him.

By 8AM the following frigid morning, I was already at the Washington Monument, filming the scores of dedicated Trump fans who had come from across the land…

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The Devil in DC: An Eyewitness Epilogue

As the devil’s advocate, it’s my job to search for controversy. On January 6th, 2021 in Washington, D.C., I certainly found it. What started as an innocent documentary project quickly turned into the biggest story in the world, one that will shape history and the future of our republic, if it stands.

After a seven hour drive to Capitol Hill, I got some footage at the Lincoln Memorial and checked in to a snug AirBnB where I met a few others who were in town to witness the same event: the Save America March and Rally hosted by President Donald J. Trump. One of the guys, an older Filipino gentleman, will turn out to be significant later in our tale. So remember him.

By 8AM the following frigid morning, I was already at the Washington Monument, filming the scores of dedicated Trump fans who had come from across the land to support “Stop The Steal,” the president’s claim that the election was fraudulent against him. Although I saw a variety of international folks, including Chinese anti-CCP activists, there were also plenty of stereotypes on full display… You know, the good ol’ boys who love their guns, value liberty over anything and really don’t want you to tread on them. After dealing with a very dystopian 2020, I can’t say I blame ’em, even if they sometimes use naughty words in their signs.

By around 11AM, I had already shot some great video and, noticing an obvious absence of porta pottys, I decided to return to the apartment to upload some footage and take care of other bodily businesses. That’s when I heard Trump’s speech blaring from the other room. I thought it was pretty decent. But, then again, I am not completely cynical about everything he says. He did a solid job arguing his case, a case that democrats say is treasonous, republicans are divided on and Trump loyalists swear is sacrosanct. To believe Trump’s case of election fraud, you also have to believe that there is a conspiracy against him. To believe the media’s narrative, you have to believe that all the evidence Trump and his lawyers have presented is decidedly fraudulent and not worthy of scrutiny. To believe the biggest conspiracy theories, you have to believe either that this is all a big show to enslave us in a New World Order or to liberate us from an evil cabal that has ruled the world for centuries… with Trump as the hero of that story.

Whatever you believe, I know you believe it fully and, barring some colossal crisis, without much flexibility. As it turns out, that crisis started only minutes after Trump finished his speech, a speech that would be blamed for incitement of violence as his supporters surrounded the Capitol Building and many broke in as a rebellion against a congress that they see as wholly corrupt and enabling the “steal.” This is where my Filipino friend comes in because he was there, outside, among peaceful protestors of all ages, taking in the commotion but painting it in a different light than what I’ve heard in the media. As you will see in his footage, there was indeed a group of activists trying to enter the building while most others stood by, watching the excitement. Sadly, some people took it too far and that excitement turned deadly, as an Air Force veteran was shot by police inside the building and police later became victims themselves. Five deaths have been reported from that chaotic day. There is no way to sugarcoat that.

I was not on the Capitol grounds for any of this but once I heard there was a citywide curfew starting at six, I knew I had a limited window to get a glimpse of this breaking news. I sped over to nearby the Capitol and conducted interviews in an Instagram livestream with as many witnesses as I could find. We only knew of one death at the time and some of the people I spoke with had been tear gassed by the cops to disperse the crowd. As I got little nuggets of information, some right and some wrong, I left with my own perspective which never completely aligned with the news reports. All I can tell you is what I saw and heard. What I saw was patriotic Americans distraught by the thought that their votes don’t matter and the political system is broken. What I heard is that a few rebels–AntiFa infiltrators, agent provocateurs and some out-of-line so-called patriots– did stir things up and paved the way for trespassing and violence, sometimes enabled by the police. Others considered the intrusion their sacred duty and said a prayer in the senate before leaving. The president condemned all violence and called for peace. And, yet, the story I’ve heard non-stop on the news is that POTUS is a traitor commanding his insurrectionist army to intimidate congress into a tyrannical victory, justifying unprecedented censorship against him–he has lost his Twitter and all Big Tech accounts–plus many loud voices that support him and the internet platforms they use. Funny how one event can trigger so much so quickly, don’tcha think? Almost as if it was planned…

Before the day was over, it seemed I had to justify my mere existence in the District of Columbia. The media had portrayed anybody with any connection to these events as terrorists. I wasn’t even there and suddenly fools on my social media were accusing me of being a bad, bad person. It’s shocking to me that some people willingly submit themselves to overpaid news bloviators with an obvious agenda while attacking me for providing a public news service on my own dime. I forgive you, fools, for you know not what you do.

As I broke curfew and the police gently reminded me to get the heck off the premises, I left Capitol Hill and tried to put all the pieces together. After wrapping up my news report the following morning and paying a quick visit to the Kennedy Center and the Watergate Hotel, I had plenty to contemplate on my long exodus from the swamp.

As the devil’s advocate, I try to see things from every angle and challenge your beliefs… and even my own. If you really want to know what I believe, you can peruse my blog where you will see my inconsistent and ever-evolving postulations. My job, however, is not to tell you what to think. Nobody likes that. But at least I can share my story and it may somehow shape how you think.

If you want to know what principles I believe in, it’s pretty simple: be skeptical but not cynical, stay open but cautious, be wary of powerful interests that tell you what to think and, most important, try to love your enemy and you might even become friends.

I know those aren’t the words people want to hear right now. The stakes are very high. But the alternative is believing that either all democrat voters are evil or all 75+ million people who voted for the president are terrorists and that a civil war is inevitable. So, for good measure, may I also suggest that we all take a deep breath and a collective chill pill?

Knowing what I know, I have full faith that our nation will not only stand but will be better than ever, once we survive this storm. Get your popcorn because a lot of crazy stuff is yet to happen but I fully believe there is a goodly plan to restore the republic to a new golden age.

First, we have to get through January.

Until my next post, take care, God bless and enjoy the show!


Matthew August Leddy



P.S. Whether you’re on the right or the left or somewhere in the middle, you’re still allowed to laugh! 😉

A warning to those who mandate tyranny

Over many years of fighting bureaucracy, unscrupulous slumlords and corporations that exploit their employees, I’ve gotten pretty good at writing letters. It’s not something I love to do but when injustice, greed and rotten behavior are used to take advantage of good people simply trying to make a living, the wrath of my Wallace clan ancestors flows through my blood and onto the quill. I am not the only one who is frustrated by the current state of affairs, although I may be uniquely qualified to channel this mighty rage into the appropriate words directed at the right agencies. One of my family members had the gall to tell me not to get political in my artistic pursuits, while at the same time imploring me not to gather with friends, to wear a cloth over my face despite my respiratory allergies and to comply with corporate tyranny. To quote the popular TV comedy The Good Place, “fork that!”

As 2020 started, I knew something was awry. I saw a supposedly deadly pandemic become sensationalized through the same tools used by advertising campaigns. I saw the minions at my corporate TV job start to write editorials about how cool it was to wear a mask… as early as March 13th, 2020, before there was any mandate. Keep in mind that the business model for this television station, just like all other mainstream media outlets, is to let the advertisers dictate their programming in exchange for loads o’ money. This isn’t me waxing conspiratorial… this is what the head of their original programming told me to my face! And it’s probably why my fresh show ideas were rejected. They simply did not fit into their corporate agenda. This is why all major media and Big Tech messages are roughly the same while dissenting views are suppressed. That is how they shape culture and program the public’s mind to go along with their schemes. It’s a deep state corporatocracy.

Once I saw Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti go on television, put on a black mask and say, basically, “this is going to be the new look,” like some sort of Bond villain, I knew I had to leave California. I knew something was going on far deeper and more sinister than a natural virus. So I packed my things and drove to North Carolina, only to have the “new normal” rules, vaccinations and the “Great Reset” narrative follow me. On one hand, you’ve got the story of death plaguing innocent people and the good and gracious government intervening to help us, as they have always done (italics denotes sarcasm). On the other hand, you’ve got mountains of stories and data, from faked death reports to nurse whistleblowers saying patients are unnecessarily put on ventilators, leading to their death. And you’ve got people dying of motorcycle accidents, diabetes, heart attacks, or even the flu—which no longer exists, according to Dr. Birx—and they’ve all been categorized as Covid-19 deaths. Covid-19 is therefore a disease that defies logic and common sense, a disease so deadly that the only way to defeat it is to give up all the values that created the U.S. of America: sovereignty, liberty, skepticism, reason, free speech, freedom of assembly and defiance against tyranny.

If the basic tenets of reason and science had been fulfilled, I would be the first to encourage any and all measures to stop the spread of this illness. The idea that the only solution to this engineered crisis is to inject questionable substances into our body and allow a man named Klaus Schwab to reset our entire global economy and create a dystopian surveillance world where we will “own nothing and be happy” is such a crock of bullshirt (to paraphrase The Good Place, again). When information that challenges the official narrative must be censored, deleted or shadowbanned, then it’s clear to me that it’s not for your own protection but theirs. They know that if people see beyond the propaganda, the criminal authors of this conspiracy will be swiftly drawn and quartered for treason.

My philosophy in 2020 has been simple. I told myself I would speak out when necessary, I would respect others as long as they respect my boundaries and I will not comply with any rule or regulation that feels wrong and limits my sovereignty. This philosophy was put to the test when I tried to buy a record player from Best Buy and was refused service for going unmuzzled. I legitimately grew up with asthma and have had chronic respiratory issues that are exacerbated by using a mask. So I figured I might be exempt from the North Carolina Governor’s new mask mandate which contains the Orwellian slogan, “staying apart brings us together.” Not a joke. Apparently, I was wrong in my assumption and am now banned indefinitely from the Best Buy premises. That’s right, corporations can enforce a one-size-fits-all unconstitutional mandate. In the current incarnation of the corporatocracy we live in, you and I no longer have the right to shop at a corporation without a cloth covering our face. What will be next? The UK’s Ryan Air is now pushing vaccination passports as a requirement to board their planes. Is this what is next for us? I thought that was just a crazy conspiracy theory that gullible people like me were spouting almost a year ago, now completely normalized due to a purported disease with optimistic recovery rates, even if you trust the data from dubious death certificate protocols. I spoke to an officer and the sheriff’s office who were courteous and responsive within the limitations of their jurisdiction but to no avail. I truly wanted answers so I wrote Best Buy HQ and the local Best Buy GM, asking:

-Am I actually banned from Best Buy due to this incident? Would that be every location or just this one? Should I then cancel my Best Buy credit card?

-Is an individual not wearing a mask not allowed to do business with your corporation anymore under any circumstances?

-If not, how does someone without a mask proceed to shop at Best Buy without harassment or discrimination from the staff?

-How can I proceed to purchase the record player I want without further incident?

And I wrote the governor to ask:

-Do the current orders apply equally to every North Carolina resident without exception?

-Is there an exception under the American Disabilities Act or simply for those like myself who don’t consider themselves “disabled” but can say with certainty that they cannot breathe properly with a mask on?

-If a company is using your orders to refuse service to customers without a mask but, when pressed on the issue, simply claim they are acting on their right to “refuse service to anyone,” is this not a legal “catch-22”? In other words, it seems to me that a corporate policy is being used to avoid the presumably lawful exceptions to your mask mandate and avoid any liability.

-How am I to proceed purchasing essential goods and services in this new world that your office is creating? If businesses are discriminating against me due to my personal health concern, what lawful compromise are you recommending for them and for me? Do you believe the science is settled and beyond debate and is that what justifies the current governor’s orders?

-Most important, how does your office balance these health concerns with our inalienable constitutional rights? Many people I know are concerned that your office will next be mandating vaccines without exception just as you are mandating masks, making survival without compliance impossible. Does your office wish to make a statement to reassure your constituents that you work for us, the people, and not anybody else?

The Best Buy GM of Asheville acknowledged my first email and said he would call me. He never did. The acting engagement director of the North Carolina Governor’s office responded to my request to meet with the governor, denying me and never responding to any of my questions. I will let you, dear reader, draw your own conclusions about the character and allegiance of these men and the institutions they work for. (Update: after publishing this column and sending it to the above parties, the NC governor’s office did reply and pointed me to their current state guidelines, which was a kind and appropriate response but does not satisfy any of the concerns I shared here. Still, I am thankful that the governorship is responsive.)

Some of you will attack me, call me names and claim I am insensitive to a great tragedy. Those of you who are more enlightened will see that I am sharing an anecdote that sheds light on a potential dark future of totalitarianism, if we allow it. I am a peaceful man and that is why I fight with the keyboard over the sword. But I cannot speak for the armed men and women who have fought for this country only to see it destroyed from within. Many of these patriots have put their faith in President Donald J. Trump, saying he is playing a 5D chess match against an invisible enemy that used Covid-19 as their last chance attempt to control and subjugate the world’s population. I do trust that there is a broader goodly and godly plan to free us from tyranny. I know there is a brighter tomorrow once we free ourselves from the destructive propaganda that has plagued our minds more than ever this year.

Freedom, however, starts from within. We cannot depend on an external savior to liberate us. The coming days will reveal how a great many people feel as I do and how we are willing to take to the streets in a display of strength, courage and solidarity. Mankind is not a virus. Love and closeness are not a disease. The USA has always been about free will vs. boundaries. Just make sure you trust yourself before you believe those who tell you to abandon freedom, faith and family.

I share my views here with all who hold these convictions, which ought to be everybody, taking no thought for my own life but great concern for the next generations. And to those who are destroying small businesses, locking us down, intruding in our lives and limiting our ability to fulfill the American dream over a concocted crisis… please remember that we’ve got our eyes on you, ya shirtheads.

Happy new year.


Every Day is Election Day

As I write this, we are only hours away from the 2020 US presidential election between Republican POTUS Donald Trump and Democratic former vice-president Joe Biden, along with the third party presidential candidates who fight the good fight in spite of the futility of their campaigns. I am not here to tell you how to vote or what to think. But I am writing this as an appeal to make election day every day: elect how to feel, how to act and which battles to fight. Because if you don’t make these choices consciously, they will be made for you, either by unelected agents of chaos or your own unconscious reptilian brain. Before participating in any election, however, we should get to the bottom of things and make sure we are acting from a place of truth.

Ever since I decided that truth was more important than popularity, I have been called a murderer (for offering free hugs), a Nazi, a racist, a sexist, a sleeper cell agent prepared to shoot Jews and Democrats, and, generally, a bad bad person. And this was just from my family and circle of friends! What could possibly prompt these people–who are always spouting the importance of tolerance, open-mindedness and civility—to condemn me as some sort of terrorist? As it turns out, thinking for yourself is only acceptable if you land upon the same pre-determined conclusions approved by the mass media and highly powerful political interests. So if by some miracle you were to question the media’s narrative on the coronavirus pandemic, the war on terror, the war on drugs or the necessity to burn down small businesses to combat racism, you would then qualify to be persona non-grata like me. Perhaps we could be cell mates in Gitmo.

I wrote previously about what it’s like to question mainstream propaganda. 2020 has been the year of awakening. As Big Tech took down hundreds of channels that challenged the mainstream disinformation intended to socially engineer the public’s mind, millions of people jumped ship from Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and found new homes on alternative websites with protocols to prevent censorship like duckduckgo, LBRY, Minds, Gab, Parler and CloutHub, to name a few. If at this point you are arguing in your head that censorship is justifiable because of Russia or whatever garbage you have been fed, you are wrong. This censorship went from mild to severe once the Democratic party candidate’s son was confirmed to be an agent of treason working on behalf of his father to profit from pay-to-play relationships with Ukraine, China and other adversaries. Pot, meet kettle. These facts are confirmed by the tenets of actual journalism, to which the American people have been told, “nothing to see here, folks”… at least not before they paint some lipstick on this pig.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a different kind of election. I know the popular sentiment—at least in liberal cities—is to hate the president. You cannot even mention his name without triggering a Pavlovian emotional outburst from otherwise rational beings. Trump certainly has warts and you couldn’t possibly miss them because the media reports on them 24/7. Whereas certain stories are carefully protected, any accusation or rumor against the president is treated as sacrosanct and is quickly disseminated among the masses. I don’t need to be a Trump fanatic to know this is disingenuous and wrong. So let’s take a quick look at the president fairly. He says he is making “America Great Again,” that he is draining the “swamp,” getting rid of stifling regulations, creating “law and order” and giving us a great economy despite the pandemic hysteria of this year. You are probably mocking these statements in your best Trump voice right now, but is he so wrong? The Mexico border wall, even if it’s a political stunt, is actually being built and, along with two executive orders, is preventing crime and human trafficking. Furthermore, the economy has grown 33% this year and, as far as I am aware, society is still functioning despite draconian state rules to shut everything down. People are always making the argument that Trump is a fascist dictator. If that is the case, he has shown marvelous self-restraint while actual fascism has been dictated through organizations like the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. Trump supporters claim to value freedom and self-reliance. I took these things for granted until the “new normal,” married with the “global financial reset” stated that freedom has an expiration date and that I have to follow their rules to survive. OK, over my dead body. Trump claims to be the antidote to this tyranny. Is he honest? It’s hard to tell sometimes but you have to wonder if he isn’t in fact the most honest—albeit theatrical—politician we have ever seen. Whether you believe him or not, he certainly plays his role convincingly, as a righteous king in a 5D chess match against an invisible enemy called the “deep state.”

To make sense of why so many people support the president, you have to make sense of their movement and what it stands for. On the surface, it’s just conservative populism on steroids. On a deeper level, Trump claims to represent a changing of the guard and a return to the American virtues that liberated us from a tyrannical monarchy. Even deeper than that, you have the Q movement which is starting to look more and more like a news reel than a conspiracy theory, which basically states that there are military insiders working with the president and leaking information to the American public which proves that the central banking system has kept us bound in debt slavery for the benefit of a handful of preposterously powerful bloodlines who own the medical establishment, the media, Hollywood, major corporations and most of the information we digest. Add to this list the corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle who have broken their oath to protect and uphold the US Constitution for personal profit and you have a pretty clear idea who Trump refers to when he mentions the “deep state.” As a whole, we must conclude, everybody on the deep state payroll is compromised, follows orders and is guilty of enabling a corrupt and criminal system hellbent on subjugating ordinary people or, as Bernie Sanders would describe them, the 99%.

To paint a clearer picture, Bernie Sanders is an appropriate example of someone with beautiful ideals who got corrupted by the same deep state he railed against, the same deceivers who want to dictate culture and control your mind. Bernie landed on the scene with all the right bona fides to challenge the liberal establishment and move them from their neo-liberal dogma to a system of fairness and equity for the working man. After they cheated him and compromised him, Bernie ran again on a bold “Joe is a good friend of mine” platform intended to bring independent thinkers back into the DNC fold. I don’t think it worked, Bernie. As he ignores how Biden is antithetical to progressive values while regurgitating what a failure Trump has been on the Covid crisis and the climate, it’s clear to some of us who Bernie now works for. Meanwhile, Trump absorbed the Federal Reserve into the Treasury in March through the CARES Act, he signed peace treaties and led a remarkably restrained foreign policy approach for an empire with a bloody history of regime change wars. In short, Trump’s actions seem like nails in the coffin of the deep state agenda. Even Bernie should be cheering for that.

What I have concluded from the major movements in my lifetime is that if the prescribed solution for a crisis is the loss of individual freedom, it is probably part of an agenda. We can solve our environmental, socio-economic and health challenges without handing over all our power to unscrupulous unelected forces with a track record of deception. If you are a lifelong liberal, it might take some adjustment to accept that collectivism is not always the answer to our problems. And you always have the individual right to say, “no, this is not for me.” Start practicing this now.

As the election looms and both sides talk about how they will reject the results if they don’t like them, all I can say with certainty is that, despite the collusion of the media with major corporations and Big Tech to spin a “Orange Man Bad” narrative, there is no objective reality in which Joe Biden will be our next president. There may be chaos, propaganda, trauma and cognitive dissonance before we accept that answer but it’s the truth.

The truth, from my perspective, is that there is a war happening behind the scenes for the soul of humanity. If you believe Q, they argue that the war has already been won and all the scary stuff in the world is a smokescreen to wake us up from our slumber and show us how close the darkness came to taking over our lives. And that the best is yet to come. To truly awaken, we must embrace our power to reject oppression, wherever it comes from. If you elect to trust your TV over your own intuition, you will lose. But if you elect to meditate, find your peace and share it with those you love, you will succeed. That’s why I say that every day is election day.

I voted for Barack Obama twice, then for Jill Stein in 2016 and, this time around, I proudly cast my vote for President Donald J. Trump with faith that he will continue to deliver on his promises and unite the nation through his actions. Love me or hate me, at least now you can see my thought process and that of millions who are part of the “silent majority.” But when it comes to truth vs. deception, we should never be silent and that is why I am sharing my voice here today.

Wherever you land politically, I hope I have sufficiently triggered you today. Whatever happens over the coming weeks, let’s elect to be cool, calm and collected… with gratitude that we live in a great nation during a momentous time in human history. 🇺🇸

And, by the way, I am no longer offering free hugs.

They are now $2.50 each.

And, yes, I always accept cash.



The Queens of Rock

When you think of “stadium rock” who comes to mind?

Carly Rae Jepsen?
Milli Vanilli?
The Blue Man Group?

I think we all know the one and only correct answer:

It’s one thing to rock in the studio and quite another to have the full package: larger-than-life songs, a larger-than-life frontman and a sound that can make the Wembley Stadium seem small. Despite all the other great musical acts that have filled stadiums in their day, Queen had the unique ability to merge elements of symphonic rock and classical music into a an epic theatrical and operatic experience.

They knew exactly what they were doing. They were creating anthems, songs that would become battle cries for fans, athletes and manly macho men, probably oblivious about the lead singer’s personal life. And that’s the point: who cares? The music transcends identity and all the things that divide us in society. It was simply pure, raw, powerful music that could make you feel like a king… or a queen.

The power and positivity of this music comes in no small part from Freddy Mercury’s faith, an often overlooked part of his life. Freddy was a Zoroastrian, which this article from The Conversation describes as follows:

“Truth is represented by light, and Parsis will always turn to a source of light when they pray, with fire, the sun and the moon all symbolizing this spiritual light.

Indeed, scholars have noted the strong historical influence that Zoroastrianism has had on concepts seen in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whether it’s monotheism, the duality of good and evil, or Satan.”

Queen is one of those rare human creations where true alchemy and a touch of God sparked sounds that brought people into jubilance. And, although Freddy bit the dust, Queen will continue to rock you. They are, indeed, the champions.

To celebrate their music, I present to you five of their classic recordings wonderfully remastered by my friend and collaborator Jose Miguel Montiel, a talented music engineer who breathes new life into these tracks.

You can also listen to what he did with some classic Michael Jackson tunes here. Don’t be shy to reach out if you would like to hire him for your next masterpiece.

So grab somebody to love and rock out to the rallying calls of rock ’n roll royalty!


Michael Jackson lives on!

Michael Jackson was the first artist who captured my imagination and made me feel like I could dance on clouds. I think everybody has some memory of the man and his music and the way he made you feel.

Growing up in Mexico, blasting my first MJ cassette tapes and compact discs ad nauseam, one day I saw a TV commercial that would change my life: Michael was going to perform live in Mexico City! I was only nine years old and had never been to a concert before. But I pleaded with my father and he happily bought us tickets. After postponing the scheduled show once due to a dental emergency, Michael came back and delivered the experience of a lifetime to his legions of fans at the Aztec Stadium. It was 1994, The Dangerous Tour. My dad, my first girlfriend Ashley, The King of Pop, his band, crew and dancers and too many ecstatic fans to count. It was a night to remember.

I think we all remember the time and place where we were when we heard that Michael died. I was walking on 9th Avenue not far from Central Park in Manhattan, heading to a drugstore. And I started to hear the murmurs. It was like everyone had just lost a relative, someone who, despite all the trials, tribulations and controversies, had moved us to our core. That’s the power of music.

There’s no way I can say anything with certainty but, in a world filled with deception, here’s what my gut and various clues tell me about Michael Jackson: Not only was he a good man but he still is. There is reason to believe he faked his death and went incognito as a man named “Dave Dave.” Furthermore, I think he was a victim, not a perpetrator, of evil deeds. Some conspiracies are real and there are nefarious forces within Hollywood and the music industry that are hellbent on destroying the reputation of anybody who does not play along with their Luciferian agenda. Maybe he was damaged, traumatized and confused. But not bad. Because it’s hard to believe that a bad person could put out so much positivity into the world. I’m sure Michael condemns evil but forgives those who have been forced to lie about him. Wherever he is, I’m sure he takes solace in the enduring effect of his effervescent, love-filled musical legacy. At least, that’s what I choose to believe.

In celebration of that legacy, I have decided to share some bangin’ remixes of a handful of his greatest tunes in the playlist below. These tracks were re-mastered by my friend and collaborator Jose Miguel Montiel, a stellar musical engineer who should be working with the best artists. He breathes a whole new life into these classic tracks. If you want to hire him, please contact me so we can engineer some magic together. And check out his remasters of some timeless Queen songs here.

Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy these jams!


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