Hey Lefties: It’s Not Me; It’s You.

or “I Haven’t Changed; You Have. My Break-up Letter To The Left.”

Warning: my opinions are controversial and often unpopular albeit correct.

Where’s the lie?

I’m talking to you, lefties.

I used to pride myself on my leftiness. I would pat myself on the back for caring about the disenfranchised, hating oppression and demanding equality. Somehow the same people who espoused those values have now become full-blown communists and they don’t even realize it. Hey, lefties: I haven’t changed; you have.

The goal of activism, I always thought, was to create policies that reflected our values, which meant gaining public support for a cause and pressuring leaders to represent us. It was rare to find a politician who genuinely sided with “the people” while staying faithful to the tenets of the USA, the constitution and the bill of rights. (Note to the left: the constitution and the bill of rights were documents created during the founding of our nation to protect us from tyranny. Tyranny is that thing you support right now because there’s a cold going around).

Between 2015 and 2021, however, I saw leftist activists disintegrate, by design, from good-hearted champions of the underdog to unhinged Bolshevik revolutionaries and if you know history you know that’s not a compliment. I saw BLM hijack a scheduled Bernie Sanders speech in Seattle to make their case to the public, a case that had merit at first but quickly devolved, along with Anti-Fa, into a violent, “de-centralized” movement intent on holding the country hostage over its impossible political demands. These popular movements taught me a couple things, namely that you cannot reason with a mob and “when you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail”… a white, male and very racist nail. Galvanized by outrage porn, well-meaning lefties went along with it, oblivious to how propaganda can destabilize a nation via mind-control. These movements, funded by nefarious elites, were made a pop sensation by woke corporations who normalized indoctrination. Before long, everyone was woke but very few were awake.

Needless to say, a SJW I am not. But I never called myself a patriot, either. I grew up in the W. Bush era when “Patriot Act” meant mass surveillance and patriotism was used as a veil to cover up our heinous crimes against humanity in other countries with the sad excuse of fighting terrorism. I started to realize we’d been sold a bill of goods by a corrupt right wing administration and being a lefty seemed like the only sane answer. Obama proved that theory wrong. He just added some pizzazz to the criminal status quo.

Today, many lefties are literally championing mandatory injections of an experimental substance that modifies your genes, “vaccine” passports and the complete eradication of individual freedom, privacy and sovereignty. From what I have gleaned through social media and California conversations, they lap it all up without a critical thought or a hint of historical awareness. What a difference a few years can make. It’s enough to make George Orwell and Aldous Huxley facepalm. Even the slightest skepticism would lead you to the undeniable fact that the people who want you jabbed and muzzled are demons who should never be allowed to force health decisions on you and should certainly not be trusted. Yet I see so many on the left–with few exceptions–who blindly offer that sacred trust, ignoring every red flag along the way.

Oddly enough, I have to thank the dark leftist political machine for showing me the light. Before the 2016 election, I still had the idealistic notion that we could create systemic change through activism, voting and being good citizens. (Cue: loud, cackling laughter.)

This nice old Jewish man named Bernie Sanders came along and he appeared to have all the right bona fides we would want: a lifelong activist for the working man, independent, disliked by the establishment and a champion of policies that could theoretically help all non-rich people. His dream sounded great but we would never see it become reality since the Borg came along and assimilated Bernie into its machinery. They manipulated him and his message. That’s how Bernie went from raging against the machine to raging on its behalf. Either that or he was a deep state sleeper agent from the start.

That experience, where I poured sweat and tears into the hope for a better tomorrow, “a future to believe in”, ended in disappointment and the coronation of the most vile candidate ever; a fat, arrogant, rude and deadly hypocrite. I’m referring, of course, to Hillary Clinton.
(It’s funny because you thought I was going to say Trump and you were fine with that description. Gotcha!)

Yes, the selection was in for HRC, the deep state’s most despicable—you could even say deplorable—woman, accused of terrible crimes, decades of corruption and an ever-growing body count left in her wake. They expected us to ignore the rampant election fraud during that primary and bow down to this demon woman even as she laughed off the WikiLeaks that exposed her crimes while the FBI did damage control. At this point, my hopes were shattered and I gave up on politics. My only consolation was exposing the deceivers and arguing with fools online. I do not recommend this as a recipe for great mental health.

And then Trump won. I was quite agnostic about him. He shared Bernie’s anti-establishment populist New York “F U” sort of attitude but from the opposite side of the coin, the side that loves capitalism and thinks we should ALL be in the one percent. (Cue: roaring laughter at my great joke.)

Long story short about Trump: I didn’t adore the man but I was relieved and humored when he won. The election fraud karma of the primaries had come back to bite the Dems in the butt. It was poetic justice for all the people I had grown to hate. I saw the media and every corrupt politician rail against The Donald and that was enough to give the guy some credit. Despite all his faults, he was a fighter and an outlier with a bold nationalist vision for America. He had beat the dreaded globalist machine and the machine threw a great conniption fit. They accused him of being the worst monster ever to walk the face of the Earth with scarce evidence to back it up. I still thought he might be illuminati but I was amused.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, the leftist machine abandoned practical policy arguments in favor of full-time TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), identity politics, racism against white people, decimation of the English language, pushing for children to question their sexual orientation and their gender and all sorts of other stupid stuff. With the help of Hollywood, they endorsed a godless culture that would make Babylon blush all the while subversively demonizing American virtues of family, faith and national pride.

Needless to say, I was out. Whatever had drawn me into Bernie’s message of love and hope for our fellow man had devolved into a senseless Luciferian nightmare of the mind. In short, Bernie became a meme.

Scene from The Berning, probably.

And that’s when the plandemic hit.

Whatever shenanigans the left had played before were now fully weaponized. We were suddenly at war with an invisible enemy. But it wasn’t really against a virus. It was against information intended to deceive and enslave. It was the full machine, fully exposed, fully weaponized and fully jumping the shark. The Great Awakening of 2020 through 2021 has so far revealed the evil lengths to which they will go to take your mind, your identity and your freedom. It has revealed who works for the dark and who works for the light. It’s been quite educational, really.

A year ago I could forgive people for not seeing through all the smoke and mirrors. But if you are still slumbering now then it’s almost too late. I’m only picking on the left as a group because they were supposed to be the good guys fighting to protect the little guy from injustice and abuse. Now, in this upside down world, the left can best be described as a “captured operation” working in lock-step with their party, the media, Big Tech, Big Pharma scientism and major corporations to end freedom in the USA. Where did they go astray? The true sin of individual lefties is simply going along with every agenda thrown their way without the principles or critical thinking or courage to say no. “No, you will not deprive me of my rights. No, you will not censor those who challenge you. No, you will not steal our freedom.” See, it’s not that hard.

To me, what has happened to the left is just proof that any organization, any movement and any entity can be controlled and corrupted if they don’t watch out. The result is that now the mind of America is fractured and everybody has somebody to blame and it’s usually the wrong party. I’ve been called all sorts of names simply for not going along with propaganda. I’ve witnessed the damage that lies can do to a mind. I’ve seen leftist friends become radicalized by NPR (!) and say unironically they can’t wait to go shoot Republicans. One stranger called me a “whack-ass colonizer” in the comment section of a flag-burning video just for, you know, discouraging flag-burning! Another stranger online called for my death simply because I’m white. That’s how bad the mind-control has gotten in the so-called party of co-existence and tolerance. And it honestly just makes me feel sad and old. Remember respectful disagreements, kids? Seems like some people who want to smash the patriarchy could have really used a bit more patriarchy growing up. Sheesh.

In conclusion, I didn’t leave the left. The left left me. Gun to my head, I will say I am independent and I love liberty because everything else we hold dear depends on it. Whoever fights for liberty balanced with practicality in good faith earns my vote. But first, we must fix the vote. We must expose the lies and reveal the truth. And once that is done, once this disaster of a Democrat puppet president and his faux-administration is lawfully kicked to the curb, we will see if Trump is the righteous man he claims to be. Can he really help save America? If the devolution rumors are true, I believe there will be a turn of events that will allow for him—backed by the best military in the world and good ol’ fashioned American values— to bring all of us together again after witnessing this horror show of American communism made in China. There must be a plan because right now we are seeing just how sinister this deep state machine really is. Perhaps we are that plan.

Today’s youth needs to see what many foreigners who fled communism already know: that this ends either in the gulag or in a victorious fight for freedom. Once the deep state boot tries to squash your sovereignty, then and only then will you grow a backbone, stand for your rights and appreciate the American values you took for granted. Then and only then will we regain a sense of true patriotism for the “land of the free.” Then and only then will we demand a new government beholden to the people and our inalienable rights without divisive lies and propaganda and intrusion. And without six dollar gas!

Seriously, WTF!

Once we weather this storm, there will be a new left. And a new right. There will be accountability. Those founding documents still work. And the founding fathers were pretty smart, even if they were white men. By living today, no matter your color or creed, you can be a founding papa or mama of a new and improved USA (or wherever you live) simply by doing something. Get a grip on reality and fight peacefully and patriotically for the rights they are trying to steal from you. This is not a drill! If you have a pulse, you should sense by now that this is an extraordinary time to be awake and alive. This Great Awakening should reveal that our collective future is at stake and your mind is ground zero. If we calibrate our moral compass, right this ship and sail righteously toward truth and liberty, we can really make America great again… like, greater than your wildest dreams.

Fingers crossed.

Otherwise, I’ll see you at the gulag.


Matthew August

“whack-ass colonizer”

instagram: @ MatthewAugustWrites

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