blogging in a new world order

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time. A general feeling of, “what’s the point?” combined with the existential dread of chasing cyber-windmills is not conducive to the best writing, especially in a world where everybody puts their best fake face forward to give more data to our technocratic overlords. I wish I were joking. But even in a dystopian world where nothing really makes sense, the creative spark of humanity lives on. The greatest artists often lived through troubled times.

The trouble with our world is that the loudest voices and the most prominent ideas are well-funded while the rest of the crowd keeps the machinery lubed up and running. While the internet gives us an illusion of an even, meritocratic playing field, we are no different than lab rats given a variety of stimuli. In that sense, we are part of the largest lab tests ever conducted, where information, medicine, and the entire machine work together to sustain this parasitic society. Although society has its perks, being a part of it necessarily means enslaving yourself to its demands and its rules. I will elaborate.

I often thought that as I developed my skills, the quality of my work would be recognized accordingly. It’s no surprise that big tech rewards “useful” voices and not those who contradict their agendas. So when I shared my documentary work covering the “insurrection” I saw first-hand how the technocracy squashes dissenting facts and opinions and ultimately erases history, just as they erased my films from YouTube, as if to invalidate my value and experience as a “citizen journalist”. I saw how sensationalist propaganda made people mean and incapable of critical thought. By the end of 2022, I saw how society had been fragmented into pieces where nobody had a firm grasp on reality anymore, only clinging to illusions they were fed in the meta-matrix.

By being in this societal matrix, you agree to all the offers put in front of you: rental contracts, purchase contracts, lease agreements, life insurance, death insurance, terms and conditions, legal policies, credit, monthly payments, taxes, little personal time, little family time, no family at all, being a wage slave, running on your hamster wheel, consuming poison, learning nothing, death and repetition for all eternity. That’s what you agree to do to to be a full member of this beast system.

I don’t have an easy escape from the system. But I know being a part of it is optional. Our world is based on natural laws and principles that can be learned and shared offline for many generations to come. Your home is still your home and you can instill values in your children that will let them live freely no matter what chaos is happening in the world. The powers that be want to destroy the uniqueness of each individual in favor of a Borg-like army of hive-minded drones. But God did not design us that way. We were designed to break free from our shackles and create something new.

When I was censored and removed from various platforms just for sharing my uninfringed creative voice, it was hurtful but not all that surprising. It gave me permission to enjoy anonymity and see the world beyond the black mirror. It validated my work as something counter-cultural or at least counter-tyrannical.

Two years since that cold January day, many of the people’s concerns about tyranny have become manifest. I have had to take a step back and watch it all unfold while figuring out how to survive in these strange times. Only a year ago, my rights as a living being were being denied in the name of a highly suspicious health claim. In my eyes, that entire medical behemoth has come crashing down and we are now preparing to see the financial system and every corrupt institution collapse with it. Yet, somehow, this is not considered polite conversation at Thanksgiving or Christmas, where, if you’re allowed to attend sans injection, you will likely hear complaints that your yearly gratitude death-bird cost three times more than usual without questioning the root causes or wondering why we feed off of death in the first place. But I digress.

This world has only become stranger over the years. And the events we see before us shine light on all the lies and fabrications man has built to keep us hypnotized. I don’t know if there is an easy escape. But I know that animals don’t need to go to school and get into debt and cook their food in order to live, procreate and be happy. We have built so many tools that now we depend on them to survive inside our quickly withering gilded cages. Our survival skills have barely survived. So that’s my only lesson, if there is one to be found here. Minimize your dependence. Kill your techno-darlings. Live in the spirit of the Creator instead of all the millions of mind-tricks crafted by the devil.

If we expect to see righteousness thrive in this realm, we need to start living it and experiencing it every day as the sovereign beings we were designed to be. That’s my agenda and I’m sticking to it until the day they terminate me.

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