2020: a global goodbye

or How I Learned To Continue Worrying and Brace For The Bomb
or The End Is Here
or Earth: Season Finale
or Predictive Programming: A Love Story
or The Human Show

by Matthew August Leddy

There are few moments in history in which the participants knew with certainty their world was about to change for good. Somehow, you and I, dear reader, chose to incarnate into such a time. We already know the world is changing. What frightens me most is that it is changing in the very way I foresaw over half a year ago, just before the proverbial fertilizer hit the ventilator.

It’s pointless to argue about what is truly happening in this very instant when there is a multi-billion dollar disinformation campaign coming from our very own corporatocracy. Every story that does not align with the official narrative is smeared and that smear is repeated endlessly until people regurgitate it ad nauseam, resulting in tragic indifference or hatred toward conspiracy facts. In turn, our collective minds succumb to the social engineering without seeing where it ultimately leads, like self-righteous little sheep shepherded into the abattoir. They have created a scorched-earth strategy towards molding our minds.

My mind, frankly, is tired of being molded when I know now as I knew seven months ago where this all leads. By knowing the destination, the steps along the way are no longer so surprising, although they are still traumatizing. When you realize you’ve seen the movie that you’re now living in, the only question remains, “what’s my role?” I don’t know if I’ve found the answer because the storyline is so grim. The story that is playing out before our very eyes has not yet passed through the dark night of the soul. But covering my eyes will not turn the movie off.

Sure enough, movies are one of the vessels through which the truth of this world came to me. As I learned more occult knowledge, I began to notice the signs and symbols and predictive programming that are displayed in our popular culture, softening our prefrontal cortex into accepting our potential future. Big-budget blockbusters became a treasure trove of symbology that could help me decipher where humanity is being led. The projects of the Nolan brothers, for example, were no longer simply stories about a caped crusader, a war fiasco and robot people. They became a roadmap for a global initiation ritual, a cataclysm that has already been planned and the transhumanist technocracy that will be forced upon us. If you look closely enough, you can see these clues among the work of all the greatest directors. And they all touch on the truth they are not allowed to confess freely: the world is run by a psychopathic secret society that is prepared to sacrifice us all to bring about their new world order.

That, I’m afraid, is the much-meme’d “red pill” that we all have to swallow.

I don’t know if knowing this helps much. I am still unable to single-handedly change the outcome of history if it has already been written for us. Once you accept that the people with the “End Is Near” signs are actually the sane ones, you are left only with a few simple questions to answer. How should I live? How should I die? How can I share the most love before I go? Before the movie ends, what role am I playing? And how can I make my story have a great freakin’ ending?

However this movie goes, I am reminded by the greatest story of all time that after a good life and death always comes resurrection. And that the light never dies.

To infinity, and beyond!

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