Dearest family,

I write to you with not only my personal plight, but that of many who have dared to think for themselves and landed squarely opposed to the mainstream narrative. The weight on my shoulders comes not from a wounded ego or a stubborn mind but, rather, my inability to find common ground with you and achieve what we all truly want: unity. 

The good news is that I have fresh eyes and I think I can see a way out of this mess. But, first, a little backstory.

You, dear baby boomers, come from a classical age where the press appeared to be the great equalizer, the champion of the common man, exposing the sins of the elite. It was the “free press,” after all, and, with no competition from the internet and its many uncontrolled channels of first amendment bliss, it was easy to digest that narrative. And there were some great journalists, entertainers and what we now call “influencers” sticking their middle finger to The Man through extraordinary work. Those speeches from the film Network still ring as true as ever. 

In my lifetime, however, our sources of information have multiplied exponentially. Yet the Wizard behind the curtain still rears his ugly head in the form of a few corporations and a handful of Silicon Valley social networks and platforms that have decided to play God with said information. Regardless, the truth persists, no matter how many ways they try to erase it or distort it. The trick is to recognize it in a world overwhelmed with deceitful theatrics vying for our attention.

That’s where your world and mine collide, dear elders. You see, through terrible tragedy, my generation was given the opportunity to dig for the truth through open-source journalism and communal research. We saw the twin towers go down along with the rest of the world. And the question was no longer, “how did this happen?” but, “which version do you believe?” Suddenly, “inside job” became part of our vocabulary. And, through my own curiosity, I found the answers that resonated best with me, leading to my eventual friendship with the men who made the first “truther” film about 9/11. This, my friends, was a seminal moment in time. A moment where citizens proved better journalists and filmmakers than the ones with the big bucks. A moment where many of us saw that the truth doesn’t necessarily come from the fancy news stations and periodicals. As a matter of fact, it seldom does.

Fast-forward to 2020. That bitch. Where, oh where, to start? In this day and age, the internet is no longer the outlier of media but the primary source. And yet, the Wizard continues to play his tricky games to the point where a narrative, flowing from those same corporations and Silicon Valley sources, is so obviously engineered for those with the eyes to see it. Whereas before, they only needed to worry about a handful of TV channels and newspapers, they now had to manufacture consent for the entire subscription cable package and internet audience. This means they have to use psychology to make sure you don’t believe anything that they can’t control. Slowly but surely, even YouTube became ThemTube. So they dubbed critical analyses of false flags, psyops and social engineering agendas simply, “conspiracy theories,” worthy only of mockery. If they could time travel, they would have called the Zapruder film an unhinged, dangerous, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, far-right wing nonsense conspiracy propaganda piece. And you would have believed ‘em. 

It is at this juncture that I ask you to consider which stories have been dubbed with those exact same descriptors. I will admit, in my less critical days, that I fell for it too. If a story sounded ridiculous, I would mock it along with the late night comics and overpaid news actors. But, you see, public relations runs through my blood, as well as revolutionary iconoclasm, so I would eventually catch up with the truth: it’s all a big lie to make you love your slavery.

Alright, I will tone down my rhetoric, since I know how you will react if I get too wild on my soap box. But I started this letter with a pledge to resolve this impasse between us. You see, you come from an age where you chose the best option you had before you. And that option was the free press. But today, with a million information options, you must realize that this free press is simply the most powerful avenue that the Wizard has to program the minds of the masses. Those of us who were raised in the ashes of a more innocent time saw that we had to dig deeper. And that the truth would only appear through good-willed citizen journalists devoid of any agenda except truth. Movements come and go but the truth endures.

And so, with that spirit of seeking truth in a world of lies, I have made my way through many movements like punk rock, the vegan revolution, occupying wall street, #FreeAssange, Bernie Sanders, and, as of late, #SaveOurChildren and Q. You will notice there appears to be a radical shift there, if you view the world on a binary axis. And I did not mention the most popular movements of today. That’s because those movements are compromised. Like with any clever deception, the Wizard will latch onto some truth and manipulate it to gain support for his own agenda. Before you condemn me as callous or un-woke, please remember I was out there covering police brutality, documenting progressive issues and speaking out against racial profiling long before the current engineered movements appeared on the scene. 

I can hear your judgments already. I have changed. I am a fool. I am easily deceived. Actually, my allegiance has always been true only to the truth. And sometimes the truth becomes compromised. And only awakened eyes can recognize the disguise. 

Without taking you through every step of my personal journey, I just ask for your compassion in comprehending how I landed on Q at this moment in time. In short, I was fully consumed by the fear of a New World Order. I saw the signs and it was real. But, try as they may, even with the present tempests, it has not manifested. Because Q, a secret plan decades in the making, was the antidote. And, if it is truly true–and I believe it is–then we are living through the single most transformative moment in time since Jesus Christ and the creation of Earth itself. We are coming into an age where all our biases will melt away in the wonder of a new system that frees us from our shackles and allows us simply to live how God intended. But I will save my thoughts on this subject for another letter.

For now, I have a modest request. Please refrain from judging or mocking anything that sounds outlandish or even offensive. For mockery is the opposite of compassion. And we all need compassion more than ever right now. That is the way out of this mess. Yes, the world has some problems. But, in this timeline, we have dodged not only a bullet but a nuclear holocaust, according to my deepest research and intuition. I will delve more deeply into this soon. 

For the moment, let’s be grateful that we are here and remember that the only real pandemic is one of fear. And on the other side of fear is love. And forgiveness. And compassion. And, although I often fail at all these things, I share my thoughts because I love you and I want you to be free with me. 

Until next time, take care of your body and your mind, dearest elders. And thank you for paving the way for us, the critical thinkers of the internet age, forever seeking truth.


Matthew, et al


  1. October 17th, 2020
    I have an update for this column, related to the massive censorship that just occurred. Copied from my Facebook status, with updated numbers:
    “Friends: if you’re out of the loop, you may not know that YouTube and Twitter and Facebook just committed a massive purge of content–videos, blogs, pages, groups and channels that challenge the establishment narrative with facts (not Russian propaganda, dummies). 1984 is here. This platform wants to control your mind. I have lost over 220 friends here since the beginning of the pandemic and have reason to believe most of them were removed by Facebook intentionally (a friend who suddenly got deleted from my friend list corroborates this suspicion). I made a YouTube playlist as a public service for those who might be curious to learn information you’re not supposed to know. Out of 207 videos, 58 have now been deleted (check for yourself in the link below because it says “deleted video” for each one). Ever since I became an activist for Bernie Sanders in 2015, I have seen this platform become nothing more than a tool of propaganda. I follow truth, evidence and facts… and when it does not align with the mainstream media, the algorithm suppresses my posts and I get no engagement. And the few times I’ve received warnings on my account it has been for over-sharing progressive content, for posting David Icke’s speech talking about a tool of manipulation known as the Hegelian Dialectic and, more recently, photos of the Democratic candidate touching girls inappropriately on C-Span from the 2015 Senate swearing-in ceremony. And if you don’t know about the latest treason scandal about that guy and his son as shared in the NYPost, it’s because they’ve suppressed that story as well and deleted accounts that report it. What does this tell you? Who are they protecting? You should know by now that I care about democracy, truth, free speech and a level-playing field for debate. We have none of that here. They just want you to regurgitate the propaganda that they have engineered for you. My days are numbered on this platform so I will only be using it to promote some creative content and to challenge the Big Tech tyranny by inviting you to join me on uncensored, peer-to-peer platforms like Minds, LBRY / Odysee, Bitchute, Discord, Steem and many others. I’m sure there will be class-action lawsuits soon and I plan to participate to tear down these monopolies. I doubt many people will see this post because I barely get any engagement anymore… despite having 4768 friends (it was nearly 5000 a few months ago) and 415 additional followers. My sole purpose for being here now is to dismantle this Big Brother tyranny and restore free speech to the people. If you challenge me on this, you are part of the problem. This is not about party identity, it’s about having access to the truth so we can create a legitimate democracy and a fair society. I encourage Facebook to reach out to me and respond to the accusations I’ve made here before we meet in a court of law.”


  2. And apparently the YouTube playlist embeds automatically into the comments here and it’s hard to see the full playlist with the “deleted videos” shown. You can go to our YouTube page and look for the Q playlist to see it fully. I plan to move all video content to other sites soon. Here is the link without the http:


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