A warning to those who mandate tyranny

Over many years of fighting bureaucracy, unscrupulous slumlords and corporations that exploit their employees, I’ve gotten pretty good at writing letters. It’s not something I love to do but when injustice, greed and rotten behavior are used to take advantage of good people simply trying to make a living, the wrath of my Wallace clan ancestors flows through my blood and onto the quill. I am not the only one who is frustrated by the current state of affairs, although I may be uniquely qualified to channel this mighty rage into the appropriate words directed at the right agencies. One of my family members had the gall to tell me not to get political in my artistic pursuits, while at the same time imploring me not to gather with friends, to wear a cloth over my face despite my respiratory allergies and to comply with corporate tyranny. To quote the popular TV comedy The Good Place, “fork that!”

As 2020 started, I knew something was awry. I saw a supposedly deadly pandemic become sensationalized through the same tools used by advertising campaigns. I saw the minions at my corporate TV job start to write editorials about how cool it was to wear a mask… as early as March 13th, 2020, before there was any mandate. Keep in mind that the business model for this television station, just like all other mainstream media outlets, is to let the advertisers dictate their programming in exchange for loads o’ money. This isn’t me waxing conspiratorial… this is what the head of their original programming told me to my face! And it’s probably why my fresh show ideas were rejected. They simply did not fit into their corporate agenda. This is why all major media and Big Tech messages are roughly the same while dissenting views are suppressed. That is how they shape culture and program the public’s mind to go along with their schemes. It’s a deep state corporatocracy.

Once I saw Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti go on television, put on a black mask and say, basically, “this is going to be the new look,” like some sort of Bond villain, I knew I had to leave California. I knew something was going on far deeper and more sinister than a natural virus. So I packed my things and drove to North Carolina, only to have the “new normal” rules, vaccinations and the “Great Reset” narrative follow me. On one hand, you’ve got the story of death plaguing innocent people and the good and gracious government intervening to help us, as they have always done (italics denotes sarcasm). On the other hand, you’ve got mountains of stories and data, from faked death reports to nurse whistleblowers saying patients are unnecessarily put on ventilators, leading to their death. And you’ve got people dying of motorcycle accidents, diabetes, heart attacks, or even the flu—which no longer exists, according to Dr. Birx—and they’ve all been categorized as Covid-19 deaths. Covid-19 is therefore a disease that defies logic and common sense, a disease so deadly that the only way to defeat it is to give up all the values that created the U.S. of America: sovereignty, liberty, skepticism, reason, free speech, freedom of assembly and defiance against tyranny.

If the basic tenets of reason and science had been fulfilled, I would be the first to encourage any and all measures to stop the spread of this illness. The idea that the only solution to this engineered crisis is to inject questionable substances into our body and allow a man named Klaus Schwab to reset our entire global economy and create a dystopian surveillance world where we will “own nothing and be happy” is such a crock of bullshirt (to paraphrase The Good Place, again). When information that challenges the official narrative must be censored, deleted or shadowbanned, then it’s clear to me that it’s not for your own protection but theirs. They know that if people see beyond the propaganda, the criminal authors of this conspiracy will be swiftly drawn and quartered for treason.

My philosophy in 2020 has been simple. I told myself I would speak out when necessary, I would respect others as long as they respect my boundaries and I will not comply with any rule or regulation that feels wrong and limits my sovereignty. This philosophy was put to the test when I tried to buy a record player from Best Buy and was refused service for going unmuzzled. I legitimately grew up with asthma and have had chronic respiratory issues that are exacerbated by using a mask. So I figured I might be exempt from the North Carolina Governor’s new mask mandate which contains the Orwellian slogan, “staying apart brings us together.” Not a joke. Apparently, I was wrong in my assumption and am now banned indefinitely from the Best Buy premises. That’s right, corporations can enforce a one-size-fits-all unconstitutional mandate. In the current incarnation of the corporatocracy we live in, you and I no longer have the right to shop at a corporation without a cloth covering our face. What will be next? The UK’s Ryan Air is now pushing vaccination passports as a requirement to board their planes. Is this what is next for us? I thought that was just a crazy conspiracy theory that gullible people like me were spouting almost a year ago, now completely normalized due to a purported disease with optimistic recovery rates, even if you trust the data from dubious death certificate protocols. I spoke to an officer and the sheriff’s office who were courteous and responsive within the limitations of their jurisdiction but to no avail. I truly wanted answers so I wrote Best Buy HQ and the local Best Buy GM, asking:

-Am I actually banned from Best Buy due to this incident? Would that be every location or just this one? Should I then cancel my Best Buy credit card?

-Is an individual not wearing a mask not allowed to do business with your corporation anymore under any circumstances?

-If not, how does someone without a mask proceed to shop at Best Buy without harassment or discrimination from the staff?

-How can I proceed to purchase the record player I want without further incident?

And I wrote the governor to ask:

-Do the current orders apply equally to every North Carolina resident without exception?

-Is there an exception under the American Disabilities Act or simply for those like myself who don’t consider themselves “disabled” but can say with certainty that they cannot breathe properly with a mask on?

-If a company is using your orders to refuse service to customers without a mask but, when pressed on the issue, simply claim they are acting on their right to “refuse service to anyone,” is this not a legal “catch-22”? In other words, it seems to me that a corporate policy is being used to avoid the presumably lawful exceptions to your mask mandate and avoid any liability.

-How am I to proceed purchasing essential goods and services in this new world that your office is creating? If businesses are discriminating against me due to my personal health concern, what lawful compromise are you recommending for them and for me? Do you believe the science is settled and beyond debate and is that what justifies the current governor’s orders?

-Most important, how does your office balance these health concerns with our inalienable constitutional rights? Many people I know are concerned that your office will next be mandating vaccines without exception just as you are mandating masks, making survival without compliance impossible. Does your office wish to make a statement to reassure your constituents that you work for us, the people, and not anybody else?

The Best Buy GM of Asheville acknowledged my first email and said he would call me. He never did. The acting engagement director of the North Carolina Governor’s office responded to my request to meet with the governor, denying me and never responding to any of my questions. I will let you, dear reader, draw your own conclusions about the character and allegiance of these men and the institutions they work for. (Update: after publishing this column and sending it to the above parties, the NC governor’s office did reply and pointed me to their current state guidelines, which was a kind and appropriate response but does not satisfy any of the concerns I shared here. Still, I am thankful that the governorship is responsive.)

Some of you will attack me, call me names and claim I am insensitive to a great tragedy. Those of you who are more enlightened will see that I am sharing an anecdote that sheds light on a potential dark future of totalitarianism, if we allow it. I am a peaceful man and that is why I fight with the keyboard over the sword. But I cannot speak for the armed men and women who have fought for this country only to see it destroyed from within. Many of these patriots have put their faith in President Donald J. Trump, saying he is playing a 5D chess match against an invisible enemy that used Covid-19 as their last chance attempt to control and subjugate the world’s population. I do trust that there is a broader goodly and godly plan to free us from tyranny. I know there is a brighter tomorrow once we free ourselves from the destructive propaganda that has plagued our minds more than ever this year.

Freedom, however, starts from within. We cannot depend on an external savior to liberate us. The coming days will reveal how a great many people feel as I do and how we are willing to take to the streets in a display of strength, courage and solidarity. Mankind is not a virus. Love and closeness are not a disease. The USA has always been about free will vs. boundaries. Just make sure you trust yourself before you believe those who tell you to abandon freedom, faith and family.

I share my views here with all who hold these convictions, which ought to be everybody, taking no thought for my own life but great concern for the next generations. And to those who are destroying small businesses, locking us down, intruding in our lives and limiting our ability to fulfill the American dream over a concocted crisis… please remember that we’ve got our eyes on you, ya shirtheads.

Happy new year.


One Comment on “A warning to those who mandate tyranny

  1. The coronavirus scamdemic’s ultimate goal is the inoculation of all, except the chosen few, to alter their DNA and RNA in achieving this mixed race agenda forming a two race society of a Mixed Race governed by a Master Race?  The Kalergi Plan. In nine months, when you know what hits the fan,  birth abnormalities will be experienced on a scale as never before.  The white population will be targeted with one of the four medicinal inoculated remedies while other parts of the world will be targeted with  others ? In the meantime the MSM machine will do its utmost to bury the effect of these medicinal intrusions as it so successfully hid the true death figures from the fictitious malaise and attributing most other deaths with it. They will continue with lockdown and air travel in order to limit disclosure of the harmful effects from different nations until the enormity of birth anomalies hits the MSM when all hell will break loose. A revelation that people of the third colour of the rainbow were found to be complicit in financially supporting this medicinal atrocity, through back door foundations, and,  to also interfere with electoral outcomes to boot, will result in the duped rest of the world population demanding retribution against this vile race in an attempt to exterminate or modify their existence but, as before, it is not the people of this race who wish to do so but their leaders in not only attempting the depopulating of others but also of their own. Therefore, to all of you who wish to participate in WW3, realise that you have all been conned into enacting this race altering and depopulating plan (Use peasants to eradicate peasants).


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