Michael Jackson lives on!

Michael Jackson was the first artist who captured my imagination and made me feel like I could dance on clouds. I think everybody has some memory of the man and his music and the way he made you feel.

Growing up in Mexico, blasting my first MJ cassette tapes and compact discs ad nauseam, one day I saw a TV commercial that would change my life: Michael was going to perform live in Mexico City! I was only nine years old and had never been to a concert before. But I pleaded with my father and he happily bought us tickets. After postponing the scheduled show once due to a dental emergency, Michael came back and delivered the experience of a lifetime to his legions of fans at the Aztec Stadium. It was 1994, The Dangerous Tour. My dad, my first girlfriend Ashley, The King of Pop, his band, crew and dancers and too many ecstatic fans to count. It was a night to remember.

I think we all remember the time and place where we were when we heard that Michael died. I was walking on 9th Avenue not far from Central Park in Manhattan, heading to a drugstore. And I started to hear the murmurs. It was like everyone had just lost a relative, someone who, despite all the trials, tribulations and controversies, had moved us to our core. That’s the power of music.

There’s no way I can say anything with certainty but, in a world filled with deception, here’s what my gut and various clues tell me about Michael Jackson: Not only was he a good man but he still is. There is reason to believe he faked his death and went incognito as a man named “Dave Dave.” Furthermore, I think he was a victim, not a perpetrator, of evil deeds. Some conspiracies are real and there are nefarious forces within Hollywood and the music industry that are hellbent on destroying the reputation of anybody who does not play along with their Luciferian agenda. Maybe he was damaged, traumatized and confused. But not bad. Because it’s hard to believe that a bad person could put out so much positivity into the world. I’m sure Michael condemns evil but forgives those who have been forced to lie about him. Wherever he is, I’m sure he takes solace in the enduring effect of his effervescent, love-filled musical legacy. At least, that’s what I choose to believe.

In celebration of that legacy, I have decided to share some bangin’ remixes of a handful of his greatest tunes in the playlist below. These tracks were re-mastered by my friend and collaborator Jose Miguel Montiel, a stellar musical engineer who should be working with the best artists. He breathes a whole new life into these classic tracks. If you want to hire him, please contact me so we can engineer some magic together. And check out his remasters of some timeless Queen songs here.

Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy these jams!


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