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Kafkaesque, a radio thriller

Kafkaesque, a radio thriller trailer and podcast pilot A penniless transient takes shelter with an emotionally distraught female friend. One of them has a secret, evil agenda. The question is who? And who will get out alive? Leddy Set Go Productions presents Kafkaesque a… Continue Reading “Kafkaesque, a radio thriller”

Led Talks, a new podcast, episode one!

Matthew and George discuss Halloween, Jeffrey Dahmer, the environment, world affairs, nuclear armageddon… and also tell a few jokes!

Bachelor’s Paradise, episode one

“Pilot” Before political correctness, it was a bachelor’s paradise! Bachelor’s Paradise is a radio play (AKA podcast) about the misadventures of college freshman Robert Turner and his inappropriate best friend, Cornelius Crane, XVI. It’s the 1950s. The Cold War rages on. Like Henry David… Continue Reading “Bachelor’s Paradise, episode one”

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