The Devil in DC: An Eyewitness Epilogue

all my DC reporting here!

As the devil’s advocate, it’s my job to search for controversy. On January 6th, 2021 in Washington, D.C., I certainly found it. What started as an innocent documentary project quickly turned into the biggest story in the world, one that will shape history and the future of our republic, if it stands.

After a seven hour drive to Capitol Hill, I got some footage at the Lincoln Memorial and checked in to a snug AirBnB where I met a few others who were in town to witness the same event: the Save America March and Rally hosted by President Donald J. Trump. One of the guys, an older Filipino gentleman, will turn out to be significant later in our tale. So remember him.

By 8AM the following frigid morning, I was already at the Washington Monument, filming the scores of dedicated Trump fans who had come from across the land…

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